UFC 158 Preview with Expert Picks and Betting Odds

UFC 158 St Pierre vs Diaz Preview with Expert Picks also Betting Odds

It’s Time for UFC 158 Tonight Saturday March 16th 2013 at the Bell Center in Montreal.

Georges St Pierre goes for another win, this time it is against Nick Diaz in what should be a really heated battle. The two have been exchanging tons of trash talk, throughout the week leading up to this fight.

I think this is a really rare fight for Georges St Pierre fans, because it usually doesn’t have such high energy and trash talk before the fight begins.

Other Fights on the Card include Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks which should be a good tilt, no real heavyweight fights, most fights are lower weight classes so should be some fast action fights tonight.

I am most interested obviously, in the main event and kind of anxious to see if this is GSP’s time to finally lose.

It could be another one of those fights, where the challenger puts up some fighting words, but the champion prevails after all the trash talk. Sort of like Anderson Silva versus the trash talker Chael Sonnen.

Canadians will definitely be excited to see of Georges St Pierre can carry on his dynasty, and possibly with a win a super fight vs Anderson Silva. That would make tonight really worth it if it leads up to the mega super fight that would get the world to watch.

UFC 158 Betting Odds

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Main Event Georges St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz to Win Fight 5.00 Odds

Georges St-Pierre to Win Fight 1.19 Odds

Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks

Carlos Condit to Win Fight 2.15 Odds

Johny Hendricks to Win Fight 1.74 Odds

Nate Marquardt vs Jake Ellenberger

Nate Marquardt to Win Fight 2.45 Odds

Jake Ellenberger to Win Fight 1.60 Odds

Nick Ring vs Chris Camozzi

Nick Ring to Win Fight 1.83 Odds

Chris Camozzi to Win Fight 2.00 Odds

Mike Ricci vs Colin Fletcher

Mike Ricci to Win Fight 1.32 Odds

Colin Fletcher to Win Fight 3.60 Odds

Patrick Cote vs Bobby Voelker

Patrick Cote to Win Fight 1.57 Odds

Bobby Voelker to Win Fight 2.54 Odds

UFC 158 Expert Picks

Main Event of the Evening Georges St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz

I think, this is going to be another win for Georges St-Pierre he defeated Carlos Condit and Carlos defeated Nick. It seems on paper that Georges is the man and I expect another strong performance for Georges as he keeps his winning streak going.

Georges St-Pierre by Decision

Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks

I like Johny Hendricks he is on fire, and I think he is going to dummy Carlos Condit.

Johny Hendricks by K.O

Jake Ellenberger vs Nate Marquardt

I am going to go with Nate Marquardt here I think he can bring more energy to the fight, and will take down Ellenberger

Nate Marquardt by Decision

Nick Ring vs Chris Camozzi

I think Nick Ring will continue his dominance and defeat Chris Camozzi by Decision

Nick Ring by Decision

Mike Ricci vs Colin Fletcher

I think this is going to be a big upset by Colin Fletcher I don’t really feel that Mike Ricci will win this fight.

Colin Fletcher by Decision

Patrick Cote vs Bobby Voelker

Good old Patrick Cote I think he will win, in front of the home crowd even tho he is pretty rubbish.

Patrick Cote by Decision

Enjoy UFC 158 and make back the steep Pay Per View costs by betting on the matches

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