The fall of the UFC

John Fitch, love him or hate him he has been a formidable force in the UFC welterweight division since 2005. While he may face a constant barrage of criticism for his lack luster conservative style, few people question his place as one of the best welterweights in the world. Some may say his three losses in his 18 fights inside the UFC signify the swan song of his career, but when considering the caliber of fighters he has lost to most find this a hard pill to swallow.

So why drop him now when so many tasty match-ups still could be made, especially as he plunges in the rankings and could very well give some seriously entertaining beat downs to guys not on his level? Why would an organization that proposes to have the best fighters in the world drop a top ten athlete when there are many fighters in the division ranked below him to get rid of? The answer of course comes down to money, plain and simple.John makes more then the UFC now feels he is worth.

John put in the work needed to get where he is and is a reliable stalwart in his division. You can argue he may not have always fought the way you would have liked, but its hard to say the guy didn't consistently "show up to fight". He earned the money he made and now he is being punished for it. He worked his ass off to make a decent purse and not live fight to fight, but in doing so he became a thorn in the UFC pocket book and got dropped? What message does this send to the rest of the UFC roster?

With the accusation of the wec, strikforce, womens mma and now talk of introducing new weight classes the competition and cuts are going to be even more frequent.Needless to say if you're a fighter in the UFC right now you are worried as top ten ranked fighters arent even safe.

So what can be done about this? Dana revealed that we should get used to the idea of fighters being cut because over a hundred more are soon to go. Although this seems like a bleak situation and most UFC fighters probably feel like they are working in a Chinese sweat shop about now, they should be reminded that the Chinese word for crisis doubles as the word for opportunity(what Homer Simpson would refer to as a crisitunity)

It’s at this point I really wonder, why do we need UFC at all? Answer me this, if every fighter on the UFC roster up and moved to a different organization all at once, would you watch the great fighters, or low ranked talent the UFC would be left with? I think we are naturally drawn to see who is the best and we would fallow the greatest fighters and matchups.

Personally, I’m the kind of guy that thinks if I have a business and I share my profits with my employees equally that they will give our organization their all. That a corporation trying to grow its stock at any cost even firing employees at christmas time is not the type of business I prefer to support. I would like to hear people ideas as to how the fighters could collaborate and form some sort of fighter’s co-op organization or union.

If the UFC has no fighters, they have no business. They make all the money and call all the shots, but never actually step into a cage. The Frititas and Dana need to be richer? If the millions and billions they have earned off the blood and sweat of other men isn’t enough to want to give fighters some sort of security then maybe the fighters should undermine them and show them who the money should really be going to. This is not like a bakery or a nursing union where there is a million other people who could fill these fighters shoes, these fighters are the cream of the crop world wide and can not be replaced so easily. The fighters hold all the cards and yet the UFC acts as if they do.

What if the gate fees and ppvs actually went to the fighters instead of them getting scraps? How many events would they have to put on before they were ALL rich? What does the UFC do that cant be stolen or modified to give the public a similar product? Sure they built the business, but its already built so now who needs them? We could stand on the shoulders of giants so to speak. How hard is it to rent an arena, and promote a fight when you have all the best matchups at your disposal? It should be the fighters union hiring guys like Dana and lawyers to work for them, not the other way around.

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