Rory MacDonald overrated or am I just picky


I'm writing this in no means at all to shit on Rory MacDonald, just to question whether he is overrated or just that good. This is something I've wanted to write for a couple weeks and having seen Overeem get mauled by Bigfoot at 156 made me think it's worth doing.

To start with Overeem, he was on a good streak at heavyweight, unbeaten since 2007 and on a 12 fight unbeaten streak. The first thing to say about this, obviously in mma a 12 fight streak is nothing to turn your nose up at, at any level that is a great streak. The thing is look at the fights in his streak:

Lee Tae-Hyun 1-2 mma record

Tony Sylvester 11-3 never fought anyone except Overeem and Chris Tuchscherer who both beat him

James Thompson 18-14 (1) NC who's best win in Dan Severn or Don Frye

Kazuyuki Fujita 15-9 best win Ken Shamrock due to corner stoppage (exhaustion)

This isn't including what is labelled as a fight but clearly wasn't against Werdum. Also in that streak Brett Rogers who has 2 wins since that fight both against nobodies. A very quick win against Duffee on short notice. Hunt during his 6 fight losing streak. Paul Buentello who also accomplished nothing since the Overeem fight. Gary Goodridge as part of his 8 fight mma losing streak. A No Contest with Cro Cop, nothing to say on that really. I've left Brock until last for a reason as it was a legit beating put on Brock who is a tough SOB. Although he hadn't fought in 14 months, but this is still a real win against serious competition. He then got busted famously for ridiculous T:E levels of 14:1. I mean he could of got away with it if he took a load of epitestorone too, and it wasn't for those meddling kids at NSAC. After his suspension and awful excuse for the levels, he sat around eating 7 meals a day of horse meat. Until Saturday when he returned in a similar position to Michael Bisping, in a fight where one guy gets a title fight the other guy gets nothing because the champ beat his ass before. On the press conference it got ugly between Bigfoot and Overeem with the intense stare down. Then it came to fight night, round one was an absolute stinker round two improved as stuff actually happened, the third round Bigfoot began unloading his 10 tonne fists on Overeem until he was out, the photo below shows it in Herbs face alone.



Now onto MacDonald, his streak while shorter is more impressive as even though the Reem beat name fighters, they were name but not top level. MacDonalds current streak saw him beat former lightweight title challenger Nate Diaz so bad Nate left 170, a division he should never of been in but still thoroughly beat him, although Diaz wasn't a top guy in the division coming off a loss to Stungun, he then took on Mike Pyle (not Kyle) in a fight which seems to have make Pyle suddenly become a destroyer at welter but at the time not a top ten guy at 170 an still probably not a top ten fighter. However after that fight the competition took a step towards the elite as he took on the annihilator Che Mills, in a fight which many saw as a mismatch, as much a Joe Rogan would have you believe Che Mills was ready to destroy Rory, everyone else knew otherwise, and as a Brit felt a little let down Che was even put into this fight at all, there is no way that fight made sense but that's neither here nor there. He obviously handily beat Mills on the ground, in the stand up it wasn't so one sided, but once Rory took him down the fight was over. Mills was also not a top ten fighter no matter how many times he beat Zaromskis or how beautiful he is. Next Rory called out Penn, he left retirement for Rory, Rory then got cut and the fight moved to FOX, and Penn tricked everyone, and he tricked us all good and proper with a video of him shadow boxing in the street for 10 seconds, it's funny how those 10 seconds made everyone think something had changed, the pre-fight talk was interesting too, Rory came across as disconnected from anything aside from whooping BJ and BJ was gunna show him otherwise, but alas BJ wasn't as good as the shadow boxing showed him to be and was destroyed in brutal fashion for 15 minutes by Rory although in round 2 I thought he was overly nice in not finishing him against the cage. Obviously everyone knew who won by the end of the fight, and Rory got the UD win, 30-26 if I remember rightly. He then went on to produce the most bizarre call out since Volkmann called out Obama. By calling out the only man to beat him Carlos Condit, the man who recently lost to the champ and teammate of Rory, GSP. And how could Condit deny him, after that fight was so close being stopped with just a few seconds left in a fight Rory was about to win, I would of scored it 28-28 but judges hate 10-8 rounds so Rory would of won, but an out of character Greg Jackson shouted at Condit between rounds and boy did he deliver. Also in his UFC run is a submission win over Mike Guymon the only man from his UFC run no longer with the company, however not a bad debut win, it's no Lesnar but it'll do.

Now all I mean to say is he's beaten Guymon, Nate Diaz, Pyle, Mills and Penn. Guymon isn't a top level fighter, Mills isn't there either, Pyle is on the cusp of being top ten, Nate was fighting in the wrong division and Penn is old out of shape and in the wrong division, not forgetting he schooled Condit for 2 rounds which is no easy thing to do. To wrap up is this streak over rated because of Rory's age and Che Mills' elite status or is Rory just that good he makes even the elite look sub par like he did with Mills, Penn and Condit (for 2 rounds).

I can assure you I will be watching UFC 158 with all eyes on the welterweights and I'm looking forward to see how the rematch rolls out.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. any fighter I've offended I apologise, this was just for comparison sake, and I'm fully aware that anyone that competes at the professional level of mma would beat me in a fight except Bob Sapp, my sprawl would make him tap.

P.P.S. Just kidding Bob.

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