Move over Steve Hickey, a new fruitcake enters the fray : OnMilwaukee sports writer calls Rousey vs Carmouche a disgrace, exploitation

Grandpa Munster sounds off on MMA.

So apparently, this guy :


and his eyebrows have some not so nice things to say about MMA. In his disaster of a column on, which he was able to post despite being confused and frightened of the internet, he is the latest to line up and immediately identify themselves as a prick with archaic worldviews. To his credit, he doesn't compare MMA to child pornography, just regular pornography :

Think about it: Put two women in scanty clothes into a locked room (the octagon), let them take off after each other and and roll around on the ground, legs locked together and sweat dripping off each of them. Sound like some kind of porn? Of course, and it plays into the fantasy of lots and lots of men.

Of course, what bigoted and illogical argument from an old white codger (who looks like a cross between Newman from Seinfeld and Sam the Eagle) would be complete without a ridiculous facepalm inducing slippery-slope. This doozie originates in the same logical bog of eternal stench "whats next? animal marriage? child marriage??" comes from :

It almost makes you wonder what else they can do. Will UFC stage a bout between Rouse and a man who is in her weight class?

I wonder why in the flying fuck he would assume the UFC would have to keep it in her weight class if they were going to make this type of fight. Why that arbitrary qualifier? What would stop them from adding a third participant or cream corn? This dude is a supreme weirdo.

But at least he feels like it is ok for women to sometimes participate in gender appropriate sports...

As difficult as it may be to believe, there are sports that are good for women to play and some that, if they are going to play, ought to just be against women.

Yea. He didn't just go full retard here. He literally leveled up into some new form of omega-retard here. If full retard is psyduck, this guy is golduck.

Women's groups have long been active in fighting the exploitation of women. This UFC farce ought to be their next target. It is extreme exploitation.

I hope some women's groups contact him to share their notes on his article...and I hope they contact his editor as well. At the same time, it would be a good idea if some animal rights activists got in touch with him and offered to help him control the two squirrels he has nesting in his eyebrows.

BUT in the end, the UFC has just itself to blame :

The UFC thing is a transparent gimmick. Forget for a moment that MMA is a gruesome display of unbridled violence egged on by a crowd of rabid bloodlusters. It is a sport (and I use that term loosely) where pandering is an advantage to building its popularity.

Obviously he is turned off at MMA, not over the violence or anything, or because he is an old senile shitbag, but because of the match making and pandering to fans. I imagine if Hendricks had gotten his fight and Sonnen not been chosen to be on TUF, the UFC wouldn't be such a transparent gimmick to him! Amirite?

Joking aside, don't visit his page without talking some shit in the comments there or emailing a complaint, as we don't want to simply drive traffic up.

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