The Sport of MMA is RUINED!!!11!!1!!!!!!1

I can't stand it anymore. The UFC is a totally different sport than what I started watching three years ago. The cutting of Jon Fitch and these undeserved title shots are totally ruining and changing the sport into WWE.

Back in the old school MMA days Randy Couture never got undeserved title shots or title shots off losses in different weight classes. The UFC would have never done this in 2007. The sport just isn't the same as it was a couple years ago either. Vitor Belfort is getting shots without having ever fought in the weight class now, in 2012, but back in 2011 he had to establish himself with a huge win streak at 185 before they gave him his shot with Anderson Silva.

Top ten fighters with valuable contracts were never released off losses before Jon Fitch. It isn't like the UFC was releasing guys who they didn't deem marketable in 2008. Could you imagine if the UFC had released someone like Fabricio Werdum back then after a loss? The sport would have never survived and it would have lost all credibility if they did that!!!!! I know John Fitch has won only one(1) fight in two years, but this is a record setting fighter we're talking about, a fighter so important to MMA, he coined his own strategy called "Fitching" which involves winning without actually damaging your opponent. If MMA wants to be accepted as a REAL SPORT, it is going to have to evolve away from knockouts and submissions. You've seen what the NFL has done to stop concussions. In addition, Fitch holds an MMA record which will never be broken - the most wins in UFC history without a highlight reel KO. Most fighters with over 10 UFC wins have numerous highlights, but I challenge any of you to find me some impressive Fitch gifs. To win without ever actually hurting or punching anyone is incredible.

Back in the old school days, it isn't like Tito Ortiz was fighting guys who only deserved to fight for the title like Ken Shamrock in 2002, and not guys off of losses, or guys who had just lost and lost in another weight class, or who had lost in another weight class, and surely he didn't fight guys who were a combination of all three of those things!

TUF is different now too. Back in the day we had classics, like again, Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock competing as coaches, with the right to fight Chuck Liddell as the winner. Would you call that a spectacle? NO. Could you imagine if they tried to promote Tito Ortiz vs Liddell had he just beat a guy on TUF who was on a major losing streak? They certainly couldn't have had the credibility to sell a million PPVs for the first time ever!

I miss MMA the way it used to be! When Miguel Torres fought only the most deserving, established contenders, when Matt Hughes never fought guys moving to the weight class for the first time for a world title or in spectacle matches which would destroy credibility against overmatched veterans! Could you Imagine if Hughes had fought a LW who had never fought in the division before, or if he fought someone from the old school UFC days? Do you even think the sport would have survived!!!!???? NO!

The fact is, the UFC is ruining the sport now. They're going to go out of business giving Jose Aldo matches against interesting, compelling and more competitive top ranked LWs than sending up overmatched, unknown FW nobodies for him to slaughter! And in giving the title shot to a top 3 ranked Diaz who is marketable over an unknown Hendricks also ranked in the top 3, they've pretty much ruined any chance casual fans will want to tune in, as it totally proves the best don't fight for the title anymore. It is PURE WWE!!!!

They don't want wrestlers to win either. In cutting Fitch, they've proven they want wrestlers out of the UFC. They just want stand and bang fighters, like the ones they've pushed for years such as Brock Lesnar, GSP, or Randy Couture.

I am so sick of these changes to the UFC. The sport is ruined. Shit guys my mom says I gotta get off the computer - bbl!!!!!!

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