In defense of my question

In Defense of my question

If any of you heard the Joe Rogan Experience Friday you may remember Dana and Joe bashing the balls off of a certain fan for asking a "negative" question. That fan was, none other then me. I tweeted Joe three questions that I haven't heard Dana asked and am curious about.

One was about the UFC adding a Super HW division.

The second was about less Post Fight interviews on FOx with Rogan and the fighters.

And the third, the one I got bashed for was

Ask Dana how often he lies to the media and the fans on purpose.

I was shocked when I saw that Rogan had replied to my tweet. I didn't listen live to the Podcast. My phone lit up like a Christmas tree from Rogan's fans bashing me. Rogan said basically "Someone needs a hug" And put a sad face.

The next morning I get even more emails, tweets, facebook messages, and even messages from my Fire Department website. It was insane, a lot of negative threats. I laughed at most of it but was curious. Why so much hate. I listened to the podcast and was half listening at the very end when Rogan digs out my tweet, says my name, and reads my tweet in this annoying whiny baby voice. I was in disbelief. I called my buddy who loves Rogan and we listened to it and he laughed his balls off. I read some of the tweets from ROgan's die hard fans bashing me and he loved those even more.

I thought about my question. Was it negative? Did I need a hug? NO I think that many of you fellow fans like me recall a media scrum that Dana did recently in which he says he lied on purpose about a Brock Lesnar meeting to throw the fans and media off. Ever since I heard him say that I have wondered "How often does he do this?" Frequently? Infrequently? WHat percent?

I watched a Dana White Q and A yesterday and sent Dana a tweet saying I enjoyed it. I thought he was great with the fans, and always is.

While watching the fights last night I was curious as why Dana wasn't tweeting anything, especially about the Bermudez fight. I basically only use twitter to follow MMA. And I use my real name, as I do here. Sometimes I have critical comments, but that's because I am a fan. I love the s%$# out of this sport.

This morning I learn that I learned that Dana had been tweeting I just didn't get any of them because I was blocked by him sometime yesterday. I was shocked, and honestly pissed off. Here I am a regular fan that spends my hard earned money on UFC, a shit load on a ticket when it was here in Boston. And I get blocked. I thought people got blocked on twitter for being racist, or using graphic language, not for an overly critical question. The head dude of the sport I love just told me to "Go F myself" basically.

I felt like Sherdog after they had their credentials pulled. I guess the UFC is like communism, and has a dictator. ANd in Communist China if you ask the wrong questions you get thrown in jail. Here in the UFC world you just get blocked.

I guess I do need that hug Joe.

Thought I'd share my experience will fellow freaks that give way too much of a s%$# about MMA like I do.

Maybe I will go get a life. Nah...I think I will watch that Bermudez fight again.

It reminded me of the time I was with my father at a Rodney Dangerfield show. My father loves Rodney. We were sitting there and this guy behind us was drunk as F#$% and heckling Rodney. Rodney turns and squints into the crowd and focuses on my father and starts ripping him to pieces thinking he was the guy who had heckled him. I laughed my balls off at my father's expense. And I felt that this was similar. It was payback/karma.

The sport I love hates me, or the leader does. Boo hoo Yeah Joe I think I'll take that hug now.


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