UFC 157: Predictions, Bets and Breakdowns For The Full Fight Card This Saturday

This weekend, women's mixed martial arts (MMA) will reach the pinnacle of the sport. The Main Event of a pay-per-view (PPV).

Who to choose on this upcoming card, who will pull off the upset? When it comes time to predict and prognosticate. There is no better way to make it more interesting than dropping some cash down on the unthinkable...

Here we go! From top to bottom, this time -- this is how I see the next card playing out.

Women's Bantamweight Championship: Ronda Rousey Vs. Liz Carmouche

Of course, we all see this unfolding the same way: Rousey by Armbar in Round One. But, Carmouche is three capital letters away from possibly preventing a defeat -- T.R.T!

I see Rousey taking the center first, unlike she did against Meisha Tate. If she can press Carmouche backward. Get her on the fence and work her Judo -- Carmouche will likely fall into the trap.

Liz isn't really a defensive fighter, she's all offensive an doesn't really move well, standing. Which is where all the fights start. Rousey's power in the clinch is just as devastating as the top game of Carmouche. Probably, even more. The dipshit in me sees that price of Liz and gets wide eyed. But, Rousey is a winner, lets face it, Carmouche is a consistent loser

I suspect this fight will end on the floor. As I'm sure you all do.

No Bet

My Pick: Rousey by Second Round Submission.

For title implications: Lyoto Machida Vs. Dan Henderson

Now, many believe the "H-Bomb" can land here. I'm not expecting it. I'm expecting Lyoto Machida to use the same sort of strategy he implemented back when he fought Tito Ortiz at UFC 84; setting up his precision strikes with smooth footwork and superior speed.

Hendo, is still the same guy who has put out many notable names with that punch. If he can utilize his clinch work and zap the Lyoto Machida's first wind out of him, right away, then it will be a pretty even fight. But, Lyoto don't play dat.

My Bet: Lyoto Machida by Unanimous Decision (UD).

To get in the 135 pound title picture: Urijah Faber Vs. Ivan Menjivar 20 - 12 -

Both of these unpredictable Bantamweights have fought once before, at 145-pounds. It doesn't matter what happened then, because that was in 2006. This time, theyre battling in the big show!

Since their first meeting,, Faber has fought eight more times than Menjivar. Keeping his career as active as can be. Though, Menjivar did retire from mixed martial arts (MMA) competition from 2006 through 2010, which was when "The California Kid" was in the thick of a thirteen fight unbeaten streak.

I like what Ariel was saying on the latest episode of "the mma hour": Thinking back to the Wineland fight at UFC 128, when Faber used complete "Octagon control," to dominate the more dangerous stand up fighter. It looks like the same will happen here. But, Faber is the man with more knockout wins, and it's Menjivar who holds more submission wins.

I don't really know how exactly Faber gets it done. He's really unpredictable so you can't really tell where he's going to take it. He's also a really strong Bantamweight, so I wouldn't doubt if he's been polishing his muay thai after being picked apart by Interim Champion, Renan Barao.

No Bet:

My Prediction: Urijah Faber by Unanimous Deicision

Two fighters looking to re-surge their careers: Josh Neer Vs. Court McGee

Court McGee is trying to bounce back after being on the receiving end of a controversial loss to Nick Ring. Get this. Court McGee landed 108 of 295 significant strikes, to Ring's 68 of 137. But who cares? They both sucked.

While Josh Neer has thrown a total of 55 punches, since 2012. He's looked nothing but terrible in his last couple performances in the Octagon. Not even making a mark on the fight metric report after his last fight, as he was quickly caught in the guillotine choke of Justin Edwards.

I'm not taking anything away from McGee. The guy is a determined individual and I'm looking for "The Crusher" to send "The Dentist" packing his bags and headed back to Bellator.

My Bet: Court McGee by Second Round Technical Knockout (TKO).

Here's an interesting one at 170: Josh Koscheck Vs. Robbie Lawler

Josh Koscheck was looking to score a big fight with either BJ Penn or Nick Diaz. But, those two had other plans, leaving Josh Koscheck with a Strikeforce import. Degenerate, douchy and mentally challenged Robbie Lawler.

I have no specific breakdown behind why I feel this is a mismatch. I think when Koscheck is done drilling "Ruthless" into the mat, he should fight Tyron Woodley. Yes. I'm looking That far ahead. Robbie Lawler sucks.

Bet: Koscheck by Unanimous Decision (UD)

To cement themselves a spot in the Heavyweight Division: Brendan Schuab Vs. Lavar Johnson

Lavar Johnson is probably the nicest dude with the most power. Guy is enormous. Schuab is a former NFL Player, I guess? He was stopped by Ben Rothwell early. I know for a complete fact that Johnson has more power than Ben Rothwell. It's just a matter if he can land his shots early.

If Schuab can defend everything Lavar dishes out; take Johnson to the later rounds. Sure, it can happen!

At this point I'm at Schuab with my bet. But, I might have just convinced myself to choose Johnson. He did knock around Pat Barry an anyone who does that is a G in my book.

My Bet: Brendan Schuab by Knockout in Round One. * subject to change *

This fight is one of those examples of TUF FAILURE!!!! Mike Chiesa pulled out of his UFC on Fox 5 fight with the flu. I think he just sucks and would have probably been lay and prayed by Marcus LeVessur.

I don't care about this fight. I just see Chiesa winning a really lame bar fight with a time limit.

My Bet: Chiesa by Unanimous Decision (UD)

I liked Bermudez when he lost to Brandao for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Trophy. He showed that he's not only a grappler, he can also mix things up and use great movement even when swinging with a great striker.

I'll always remember one fight of Matt Grices. He and Matt Veach fought at UFC 95 and Grice dropped Veach. Only for Veach to get up and drop Grice, then Grice dropped him or something crazy like was a clear example of why you and I watch this shit. When they let the fists fly and the takedowns and sub attempts go off like a semi automatic rifle, nothing else matters. We just sit back and enjoy the show.

My Bet: Bermudez by Unanimous Decision (UD)

UFC scrub versus Strikeforce Import: Samuel Stout Vs. Caros Fodor

I have not a clue what will happen in this fight. I think Stout's career is slowing down drastically. Fodor could relish the opportunity to go from fighting cans in Strikeforce to a small name like "Hands of Stone". I'll bet Stout by default. Hes far more experienced.

My Bet: Stout by TKO

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