UFC on FUEL TV 7 Betting Results and Final Thoughts

This is a recap of the picks I made this past Saturday for UFC on Fuel 7. You can see them if you >click here<

Let's begin by saying the entire event was a little off. When Helwani is too lazy to dig up the facts himself. He goes to Mike "Boone" (pronounced Bohn, like the pitbull song. Bon Bon Bon Bon yo quiero estar contigo). Bohn's fact find was that all fighters on the prelims were looking to bounce back from a loss. Making for a few dull matches.

First pick was Harris by UD for no good reason. Outcome: Harris by UD

Second pick was Vaughan by Sub. in Round Two. Outcome: I don't care to remember. It was kind of a gay fight.

Like a fool, I did just what I told myself not to do. I bought a five man prelim team, with Vaughan as a heavy risk because I hate betting against Japanese fighters. They are so technical and efficient -- not making many rookie errors in there.

Third pick: Nedkov by Round 2 KO. Result = Watson by Knockout in Round Two.

At first I had wrote sub down, maybe even round one. But, holy shit! HA, you thought I was going to say Fotn. Baha. Both of these lethargic assed dudes fucking gassed 30 seconds in. Making for a litte back-and-forth. Please, forgive me for dissing the UFC's decision to reward those two bitch asses "fight of the night". Swanson and Poirer did so much more. Get to that in a minute.

Fourth pick: Grispi by Round one. What happened was both of them sucked major ass.(Ogle by UD)

Strategy Tip and Lesson learned:

Okay, I started this pick with Ogle by UD. Then when I picked all decisions for the prior event and they turned out shit crazy, I figured, fuck it. Why not get crazy for preliminary fights, instead of picking all decisions?

So, Switched to Ogle by TKO. Then got a bug up my ass about Grispi's ground game. I thought this guy died or something and I fucking decided to take him. No big deal, because he sucks anyway. I just hope the UFC releases him. John Albert is a fucking fantastic fighter who fought some of the best and he's probably not going to be around anymore. That makes me sad, as Hardy remains because he's British and even the rotting soul of Mark Hominick had a spot after some shit poor performances.

Strategy tip = I was thinking about this a while back. It's never really good to look at a fighters history and judge there. Because, of course, in MMA. "You're only as good as your last fight". Unless your name is Chael Sonnen or Nick Diaz..

Looking at the dudes Grispi has beaten. Where are they? Even the dudes that he's lost to have proven they aren't even close to elite.

I thought of this when I picked Koch over Lamas, just because. Lamas beat some stiff competition who are still relevant and some even in the title picture.

Josh Grispi has to be one of the biggest flops, beside Jonathan Brookins. But I guess both were never put here to be shit anyway.

Fifth pick - I took Sass by Rd One Sub. By default. By "MMAMATH"Result= Castillo by classic, break you down, beat you up wrestling and stifling subs all fight long.

Castillo is a brutally strong individual with some tenacity. I like that about him. If you give him the opportunities he will jump on them. Maybe, a little too fast in his Johnson fight. But, this performance against Sass was the Best Danny I've seen so far. By this time of the night I was already hoping everyone in my heart won (California, Castillo) it's just one of those things, fuck off if you don't understand.

Sixth Pick - Etim by Ko in round one

Well, this will sound fishy, but, after I wrote this I found out Forte was fighting MDW's and WW's never looking like dog shit.

On my twitter I was doubting my picks, as I'm sure most do sometimes. I was saying Etim is a fucking bitch ass pick and I called it "lopsided" even saying "mismatch" kind of laughing at my own post.

Because every time you say something is going to be a bring UD, it isn't, whenever you say it's going to be brutal. It doesn't live up...

And, I thought long and hard and "tweeted": Etim isn't shit at anything why did I call it a mismatch. And, Forte is who I liked more, as a fighter. I blame the website I bet on they simply just had Etim really overpriced for an "anorexic Grandfather on ageless male" I exclaimed on twitter while losing this pick. But, not surprised. Etim stinks.

Lesson Learned: I should shut the fuck up about fighters I don't know shit about. But, I've never not paid respect when it's due. Awesome when underdogs overcome the odds. Makes the betting world go round and round.

Seventh times a charm- No. No. No! My pick= Che by Round Two TKO. Result- Riddle by Rape.

Che Mills was by far. The shittiest pick I have ever made in my entire life. I once said if Dana calls Mayhem's standup "girly" then why not call Mills' ground work shitty against Rory? I don't know why I picked Mills. He falls into the category I spoke on earlier. How the dudes he beat absolutely suck ass.

Jimmo vs Te Huna. Battle of the fucked up names. My pick was Jimmo, on paper. But, I needed more advice. Ended up with Te Huna on my main card team and I was stoked I didnt go with the robotic overload of homo.

Te Huna was finished more than one time in his career, in the first round. So, I first picked Jimmo because he's huge. Checked out the weigh ins to get a side-by-side and Te Huna is no short, scrawny 205er. They weigh in at the same weight. So Fuck that.

Pick Number 8: Nelson by Round One TKO. Result UD

So, I had it as it ended up. But, of coarse the dipshit in me had to take a glance at the record of Gunny. I should have listened to more educated posters and took into account that Demarques Johnson is one big pile of shit.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, just go with the improbable.

Number Nine: Most were kind of butthurt about the fact that Diabate pulled out via self calf slicer. But, the guy has no calves. So how in the blue-fuck did he tear one?

Just joking, I have no clue what it takes to fight Jimi Manuwa.

I had round one Knockout by Jimi Manuwa. I like Diabate, so I wasn't too upset not to see him get slaughtered. This fight put me right back in the winners circle for my main card team.

Co-Main pick was Poirier by UD. Outcome: Swanson took a fan (me), of some other pussy that doesn't count.

Swanson impressed me so fucking much. I underestimate this kid every single time and he just makes me look like the biggest douche. That's okay. Lesson learned (and a strategy i was sort of got into in my predictions post): Sometimes, you just have to pick against those you don't want. They can't all be winners.

What I liked about Swanson: Okay, Poirier began to sort of repeat the same attempted left-right-lefts and fence holding. While Swanson was like, no bitch!

Swanson mixed it up and made Dustin think like, which one is coming next? The Inside kick, the roundhouse high, the lead hook, the hook backing up, the overhands. Cub is a prime example of a fighter that can do anything they put their mind to. He even touched in his post-fight interview. Even you, can do anything you want. Great Fight and much appreciated here.

Poirier is still an awesome fighter. That he stepped up late notice isn't a factor in shit. He was kind of making Swanson look like a wimp for a bit. But just didn't have the skills to hang. Still, I like Poirier, and Swanson now, too. Fight Of The Night!!!!

Barao vs Boy Body; Michael Moses McDonald. My Pick= Motherfucker. I swear when I first made predictions I had it on the money. I even switch to round two knockout, then to submission. Stick with your first instinct when you're sure about the outcome.

Michael McDonald was looking great early on. I don't think Barao is very good. He kind of plays conservative, In my opinion. McDonald was so close to being the youngest champion. I don't know that. Because I'm not Barao. He could have slipped on Diabate's footsweat for all I know. Who the fuck knows. I'm just pissed I changed from fourth to second.

To conclude this post, I would like to add that a crackin' co-main and main event are all we can ask for. For fuck sake that Nedkov fucker co-mained Macao China. What the fuck are fans so bitter about? I'm from the WEC days where I got a kick out of watching charlie fucking velencia fight ox wheeler. Fuck off every one of you fans that act all uptight and whine about Flyweights and Women. When poor Johny Hendricks can't even get a congratulations. Guys would annihilate Nick Diaz, said it since day one. I'll say it again. There's a lot more to complain about. And I loved Dana White's post fight rant on TRT! I really found it fucking cool of him to speak up for himself and the way fans feel. I've bothered him about the Bisping-Belfort thing for days with no blockage. I think he understands me.

My ranting and raving about this shit is over. I hope at least some of it was enjoyable.

Anyone want to chat about upcoming fight picks. Strategy, or anything like that. Go ahead and comment. I'm interested in any sort of tips.

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