Video: UFC 157's Dan Henderson on Lyoto Machida's 'goofy kicks' and more

Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida are all set to swing at UFC 157 in Anaheim, California, later this month.

"Hendo" is an Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestler and has a dangerous right hand that claimed the first Knockout on the records of great fighters, such as Michael Bisping and Fedor Emelianenko. "The Dragon" is always focused on executing his strategy -- to use unorthodox kicks -- with pin-point accuracy, and setting them up with straight punches.

When asked what he will be looking out for, when facing his opponent's unique style, on Feb. 23 -- later this month. Henderson responded (via MMA Weighin):

"He's awkward. He's quick, he throws a lot of goofy kicks and a nice straight-left. It's just a matter of coming up with a gameplan, sticking to it and making him fight my fight."

Dan might want to ask his longtime training partner Randy Couture, how those "goofy" kicks feel?

Both Henderson and Machida were surpassed by Chael Sonnen, who will be facing Jon Jones for the title in April, once The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 17 is said and done. Both have been clamoring for a second shot at the Light Heavyweight Championship.

Also, Henderson shares some thoughts on how he feels the fight between Jones and Sonnen, in April 27. in Newark, New Jersey will play out -- more below, from "Hendo".

"I definitely think Chael will put him on his back. I think Chael will surprise him with his standup, too. He has a good shot at winning."

"Hendo" was defeated by Quinton Jackson in a back-and-forth brawl, but eventually resulting in a unanimous decision win for "Rampage". Lyoto fought current champion Jon Jones, for the title. "The Dragon" took "Bones" to the second round and was utilizing great movement and even landed a glancing left-hand that wobbled the champion. Then, Jones tackled him to the mat and sliced his face with a sharp elbow before locking in a tight guillotine choke that left the former titleholder unconscious, and back at square one.

Will the "H-Bomb" land in "The Dragon's" lair, or can Machida make Henderson eat his words -- and a couple toenails?

Find out at UFC 157: "Rousey vs. Carmouche". When the ladies take center stage after one of these 205-pounders land their leather. Maybe, for a title shot?

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