Who Should Fight Who? TUF 18 Finale Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.



Diaz should fight Nurmagomedov - Reason: I was starting to think that Nate Diaz was on the downfall, well I was wrong. He looked amazing in that fight. He got taken down early but after that it was all Diaz. Once he had Maynard hurt he never let him recover. He absolutely unloaded on him and really messed him up. The fight should have been stopped once Maynard could no longer defend himself, I feel the fight went on about 10-15 seconds too long. Even Diaz put his arms up to say stop the fight about 10 seconds before Yves Lavigne finally stepped in. Lavigne should be fired, that was one of the worst stoppages I've ever seen. It was so late, Maynard took way more punishment than he needed to and I think Lavigne should lose his job. How else will this BS stop, people have to start losing their jobs. Anyway Diaz looked amazing and I expect him to get another top guy next. I'd like to see him fight Khabib Nurmagomedov next. I like this fight a lot and I think it'd be the Fight of the night. Diaz could also fight TJ Grant or The Winner of Healy vs Green.


Maynard should fight Dunham - Reason: Gray Maynard is not the same fighter that went to war with Frankie Edgar three times. His chin is getting worse and worse. Hes still very talented but his body is letting him down. He was looking good early in this fight, he got Diaz down and I thought he was going to dominate and then all of a sudden Diaz was in control. He Judo tossed Maynard, stuffed a takedown attempt and then rocked him. Then it was all over. Just like that. Once Maynard was hurt Diaz swarmed on him and never let him recover. He took a lot of unnecessary shots because Yves Lavigne is a moron who should be fired. I'd like to see Maynard fight Evan Dunham next. I like this fight a lot. It makes sense and I think it'd be a fun fight. Maynard could also fight Diego Sanchez or Matt Wiman.


Pena should fight Andrade - Reason: Pena looked great. She dominated, the fight was stopped a little early but Pena did a great job of overwhelming Rakoczy with punches and elbows. They weren't all landing but she was throwing enough to get the ref to stop the fight. Great performance. I'd like to see Pena fight Jessica Andrade next. I like this fight, its a step up in competition for Pena but I think shes ready for it. Pena could also fight Raquel Pennington or Jessamyn Duke.


Rakoczy should fight Randamie - Reason: Rakoczy didn't look good. I expect her to look a lot better in her next fight. I'd like to see her fight Germaine De Randamie next. I like this fight a lot. I think it'd be a stand up war. Rakoczy could also fight Shayna Baszler or Peggy Morgan.


Holdsworth should fight Martins - Reason: Holdsworth looked fantastic. It was a great fight. I thought he dominated. Just another great fighter from Team Alpha Male. I expect Holdsworth to get thrown in there against some of the best guys in the division. I'd like to see him face Lucas Martins next. I like this fight, I think it makes sense. Holdsworth could also fight George Roop or Yves Jabouin.


Grant should fight Delorme - Reason: Grant looked alright in that fight. Holdworth's a beast and he did a decent job against him. I'd like to see Grant fight Roland Delorme next. I like this fight, I think it'd be a good scrap. Grant could also fight Johny Bedford or George Roop.


Duke should fight Pennington - Reason: Jessamyn Duke looked great. She beat the hell out of Peggy Morgan. Morgan looked like she was growing horns at the end of that fight. I was impressed. I'd like to see Duke fight Raquel Pennington next. I think this would be a fantastic fight. I'd love to see it. Duke could also fight Jessica Eye or Julliana Pena.


Morgan should fight Modafferi - Reason: Morgan didn't looked great in that fight. She got beat up but she showed a lot of heart. I'd like to see her fight Roxanne Modafferi next. This fight makes sense to me and I think they're both fight their ass off. Morgan could also fight Shayna Baszler orJessica Rakoczy.


Pennington should fight Duke - Reason: Pennington dominated. She looked really good. I'd like to see her face Jessamyn Duke next. I love this fight, I think it would be a great fight. Pennington could also fight Jessica Eye or Julliana Pena.


Modafferi should fight Morgan - Reason: Modafferi lost but she fought hard. I expect her to get another fight in the UFC. I'd like to see her fight Peggy Morgan next. I like this fight and I think it'll be a war. Modafferi could also fight Sarah Moras or Shayna Baszler.



Corassani should fight Blanco - Reason: Corassani was getting his ass kicked. If Blanco hadn't thrown that illegal knee he would have absolutely won and it would have ended in that first round. I don't like Corassani, I personally think he was milking the illegal knee and wanted to get out of there. He knew he couldn't win that fight so he found a way out, thats my opinion. He does have a busted up nose and a concussion so I don't think he was faking it but I definitely believe he wanted out of that fight. He looked terrible in that fight. Who do I want him to fight next? Nobody really, I don't think hes good enough to fight again in the UFC but he will and the only fight that makes any sense to me would be a rematch with Blanco. Thats the only fight I want to see Corassani in. They should do it one more time.


Blanco should fight Corassani - Reason: I like Blanco a lot. Hes a savage and I love that about him. He saw an opportunity to throw a knee and he went for it. He probably should have looked to make sure Akira'a hands and knees were off the mat but he didn't and thats why he has another loss on his record. I don't think he realized that Akira was down, I think he was just in the moment and threw the knee. I think hes a great fighter and I hope he gets another fight in the UFC. Some are calling for him to be cut, I hope that does not happen. He should fight Akira Corassani again, prove that he can beat Akira without throwing anything illegal.


Niinimaki should fight Bermudez - Reason: Niinimaki looked great. I was expecting Yahya to dominate. I think a lot of Yahya so I was blown away by Niinimaki's performance. I can't wait to see his next fight. I'd like to see him face Dennis Bermudez next. I like this fight a lot. I think it would be very exciting. Niinimake could also fight Clay Guida or The Winner of Poirier vs Brandao.


Yahya should fight Hioki - Reason: Yahya didn't look that good. He spent most of the fight on his back. I still think Yahya's one of the best in the division and I expect him to bounce back in his next fight. I'd love to see Yahya fight Hatsu Hioki next. I think this fight would be great. Yahya could also fight Steven Siler or Jimy Hettes.


Rosholt should fight Duffee - Reason: Rosholt had a rough first round against Harris but he won the next two rounds and really impressed me in the third. He dominated that third round. I think Rosholt could do great things in the UFC. With his strength, wrestling skill and size he could get close to the top. For his next fight I'd like to see him face Todd Duffee. I like this fight a lot. Its a great test for both guys. Rosholt could also fight Brendan Schaub or The Winner of Palelei vs Barry.


Harris should fight Krylov - Reason: Harris lost but I liked what I saw. Hes very fast and athletic for a Heavyweight his size and I think hes going to be very successful in the Octagon. I'd like to see him face Nikita Krylov next. I like this fight, it makes sense to me and I think it'd be a Bangfest. Harris could also fight Matt Mitrione or Shawn Jordan.


Spencer should fight Moraes - Reason: Spencer looked great. He dominated and really tried to finish the fight in the third round. I'd like to see him face Sergio Moraes next. This fight makes sense to me and I think its an interesting match up. Spencer could also fight Stephen Thompson or Igor Araujo.


Dober should fight Forte - Reason: Dober got beat up but he showed a ton of heart. Also I believe he took that fight on short notice so I expect him to definitely get another fight in the UFC. That fight was at 170lbs but Dober's a 155lber so I believe he'll be dropping down to his normal weight class and I'd like to see him face Renee Forte next. I like this fight. I think it'd be a good one. Dober could also fight Jon Tuck or Justin Salas.


Sampo should fight Pettis - Reason: This was a great fight. Both guys looked good but I think the better fighter won. Sampo's one of the best Flyweights in the world and I'm very happy that hes finally in the UFC. I'd like to see him fight Serigo Pettis next. I absolutely love this fight and I think it'd be the FOTN and a FOTY candidate. Sampo could also fight Ian McCall or Ali Bagautinov.


Benoit should fight Harris - Reason: I loved this fight. Benoit looked good even though he lost. I expect his next fight to be much easier. I'd like to see him face Phil Harris. This fight makes sense to me. Benoit could also fight Louis Gauinot or Darrell Montague.

Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know which fights you like and which fights you want to see happen.

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