Observations from UFC Brazil/Bellator 107

Finally, the UFC has come back to Brazil.

1. It was a bad night for TUF Brazil and their overrated hype trains. Jungle Fight 48(erroneously known as UFC Fight Night 32) pretty much single handedly exposed the entire cast of TUF Brazil. These are some of the worst fighters in the UFC and talent wise this was one of the worst events the UFC has ever put on, however entertaining it was. Bellator prelims are equally as entertaining and full of finishes for this same reason. Building a lot of hype squashing rudypoos, Rony Jason and Santiago Ponzibozo...wait, whats his name? It doesn't matter what his name is, both got flat exposed, badly the moment they stepped in the cage with halfway decent fighters. I am not going to sit here and say they have only fought jabronies. I will type it though. These Brazilian cards are full of some straight jabronis(Jabronies..jabronis? Not sure how its spelled). Incidentally, the comain, which was the only fight to feature two TUF Brazilians, was the worst fight of the night.

2. The Brazilian audience was straight embarrassing. While the singing, cheering for the local fighters and energy when things are going their way has that third-world-soccer-stadium chic, the refusal to cheer for epic fights and great action when their fighters are losing is lame. And then, during the co-main event the crowd literally started chanting homophobic slurs at one of the fighters. That's some bullshit. You could hear a pin drop every time on the undercard a Brazilian club fighter got dropped like a sack of potatoes. Super lame. Compare that against the Fight for the Troops event. The soldiers cheered everyone, were respectful and appreciative of the action, even though the fighters with military backgrounds were coming up short most of the night. When the troops in uniform of the most aggressive superpower are less jingoistic than a crowd at a sports stadium, you know there is an issue. It was kind of nice seeing little Heathen make them know their role and shut their mouths. At this point, I have exhausted the Rock joke to the point of absurdity. Moving on.

3. Dan Henderson needs to retire. Chuck Liddell after the Rampage fight "I got caught". Chuck Liddell after the Evans fight "I just got caught". Chuck Liddell after the Franklin fight "I got caught, what do you want me to say?" Dan Henderson after the fight "I got caught". I don't want to see Dan become just another fading legend who sticks around too long, risking his health. Chuck Liddell's legacy is tarnished by his late career. Dan, almost overnight, has gone from being an ageless monster, to a 43 year old declining fighter who has lost three fights in a row. 40 is a mother fucker man. Old overnight. It is sad to say, but two things will have alluded Henderson in his career forever. The first being a UFC title. The second being a decent nickname. Dangerous Hollywood Hendo needs to finally make the Decision. (at least Dan didn't rip off the Rock like Tito did. Seriously, who rips off the Rock?)

4. Vitor's mullethawk was fucking glorious. You all saw it. There is little else I need to say here.

5. Events like this make the UFC's real product better. As hard as I've been on the talent on this card, I will say these types of shows make the UFC's major events much better as they soak up all the nobodies from these foreign TUF shows. This is part of the strategy the UFC is employing going forward to combat fan fatigue and over-saturation. With 400 fighters, its hard for fans to memorize everyone, but events like this help keep important events stacked with higher ranking names. The UFC is doing the exact right thing by focusing cards like this toward individual markets, while simultaneously improving the quality of event in the domestic PPV market. This is analogous to UFC on Fox 9, which focuses entirely on the former WEC weight classes. This strategy allows the UFC to serve their niche and foreign markets, while returning the PPV product to something which resembles what it used to look like before Brock lost the bubble burst two years ago.

Bellator 107

6. Kongo fought the best he has in years. Even in his prime, he was never really a range striker, instead he preferred to clinch against the fence and throw knees to mostly the groin the body. But ever since the Mir fight, Kongo has fought to protect his chin at all costs. Which created the striker-turned-wrestlefucker which we saw half the time in the UFC. So I was pleasantly surprised to see him attacking in the center of the cage with aggressive punching combinations. The cherry on top of that fight was the third round wasn't a complete disaster. Granted, his opponent resembled Adrian of the Kimbo Slice tapes more than the Rolling Thunder of K-1 lore, but I still came away impressed by that performance.

7. Joe Warren is the most underrated fighter in MMA right now. His resume is sick. People only seem to remember when Vila deadzoned him and the four knockouts he suffered against Pat Curran(in the same fight). However, he beat Chase Beebe, the former WEC champion, in his MMA debut. Then he beat Kid Yamamoto in his second fight when Kid was killing everyone and at the top of pound for pound and BW/FW rankings, then he beat Georgi Karakhanyan who is the current Tachi Palace featherweight champion, then he beat Patricio Pitbull, then he beat the undefeated Bellator champion Joe Soto, then he beat the current sherdog #8 ranked Marcos Galvao. Then he rebounded from those two losses to win another tournament, with the guy he knocked out being 21-4 which is nothing to sneeze at. He won a tournament, and title, as an undersized, tiny featherweight(he wrestled at 132 when he won that huge stack of world championships he has) and has now won a second tournament in another weight class. Like with Brock Lesnar, and Team "Alphamale" his moniker of the "baddest man on the planet" smacks of little man syndrome, but I gotta admit I am a fan of his schtick.

See you in the morning report....(on whatever day this week there are no other fanposts which could go in)

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