WMMA October Recap Part 2: Evil Eye Edges Kaufman

Action from the last two weeks of October, and videos for all non-UFC fights again, woo. hoo.


A rough viewing priority ranking

1. Gonzalez/Casey

2. Clark/Cifers, Lim/Osman

3. Yamaguchi/Vidonic

4. Kianzad/Dudieva


140lbs: Pannie Kianzad def. Milana Dudieva via unanimous decision

I knew I should not have included this fight in my preview, but I did. So, my suggestion is don’t watch it. It felt like a no name ultimate fighter level fight. Also, there were no commentators and barely any noise from the arena. Both fighters grappling were sloppy and I’m not looking forward to either of their next fight. Unless, Kianzad makes the move to 135. Kianzad wearing a low cut sports bra didn’t seem like the best choice for an MMA fight (sort of like Ronda’s sports bra against Carmouche). No wardrobe malfunction.

Link to fight


115lbs: Sherilyn Lim def. Ann Osman via split decision

Thoughts with link to a link of the fight here

one of my favorite sweeps


115lbs: #16 Heather Jo Clark def. Hannah Cifers via unanimous decision

Cifers came into this fight with zero pro fights on short notice and gave Clark a tough test. A few times in the first when they brawled, Cifers would get the better of the exchange. Right hands on the jaw and to the body. Cifers corner constant yelling of "Don’t pull out, your pulling out" was hilarious to my immature mind. And the fact both her cornermen were black didn’t help either. It was decent advice, but Cifers just let Clark move side to side. If Clark didn’t engage, Cifers didn’t either. I liked a lot of what I saw from Cifers. Nice striking, creative and flexible grappling, judo throw. Definitely will be following her. Good fight.

When I watch Clark fight, I get the feeling she’s a true mixed martial artist. She likes every aspect of the game, and knows how to fight from the ground, clinch and standing. Big fan and I love that she realized she couldn’t brawl with Cifers and was able to fight another style.

Hopefully Invicta makes good on their word of more events per year, cause there’s a lot of talent out there.


125lbs: Pearl Gonzalez def. Courtney Casey via 3rd round armbar

The ability of these girls with extensive amateur backgrounds is very high. Much better than girls with pro records and zero quality of opposition. Gonzalez and Casey put on an entertaining back and forth fight, mostly contested on the ground, and I’m excited to see them fight again.

I’ve ignored these girls with extensive, successful amateur careers (Tecia Torres comes to mind) in favor of girls with pro fights, but this fight made me realize, the talent coming out of the amateur ranks. These girls really get to season their technique, and I’m confident that they have quality training.

Also, a girl with a decent jiu jitsu pedigree is legit. Too many times in men’s MMA I see guys with black belt credentials, but they don’t do anything off their back or use their jiu jitsu, to the point I would think a black belt would use it.

Full Fight


115lbs: Patricia Vidonic def. #7 Mei Yamaguchi via split decision

Here’s a link to a link of the fightnd some thoughts



135lbs: Jessica Eye def. #4 Sarah Kaufman via split decision

I’m a big fan of Jessica Eye, on a personal level, but her fighting style is a little frustrating. If a fighter lets her bounce around on the outside, not much is going to happen. Kaufman was able to land a right cross a few times, but was chasing Eye way too much, getting popped with a stiff jab over and over. I thought the first two rounds were extremely close, especially the first, with the 3rd round being the only definitive round. I thought Kaufman lost to Leslie Smith in Invicta, but Kaufman got the nod, and here I thought Kaufman won but Eye got the nod. A little judging karma for you.

Dana and Jessica Evil Eye striking the same pose. Hot.

I feel like a broken record, but this is another example of the 10-9 must system being flawed. Kaufman did way more in the 3rd round, but she gets the same score as Eye. And how the hell one of the judges gave the 3rd to Eye is beyond me. The UFC has to be happy that Eye got the split, though. And puts the UFC in another tough spot with Kaufman. Unmarketable, not overly exciting, and gonna beat most fighters. I think we got the first female Okami/Fitch.

135lbs: Jessica Andrade def. Rosi Sexton via unanimous decision

I don’t normally cringe ever during an MMA fight, but the 2nd round I was genuinely uneasy watching Sexton just take shot after shot. I wasn’t as much waiting for the corner or ref to step in, but for Sexton to fall, so that the fight could be over. I don’t like fights stopping if the fighter is still engaging, which Sexton, but still getting lit up.

Sexton doesn’t belong in the UFC, and if she is still interested in pursuing MMA, Invicta’s flyweight division may be her last chance. However, I feel she would get smashed by the top 10 flyweights in the world, considering Andrade, at 5 ft 2, should really be at flyweight, if not strawweight.

How bout that corner?



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Here's two gifs I really like

WMMA November Preview coming in a few days

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