Velasquez; I'm not sold.

Ok, ok I know what you are thinking - wtf dude, he just mauled JDS AGAIN for five rounds. Hear me out. I just watched the fight and I listened to Joe Rogan (I love him as an announcer btw) wax on about Cain's amazing cardio, talk at length about his work ethic and wrestling prowess. Cain is impressive as hell with those attributes. I was left somewhat dissatisfied by this performance though. Taking nothing away from Cain; I saw a fighter who is capable of absolutely smothering his opponent with constant movement and a relentless pace. I believe 95% of those 25 minutes were spent with Cain pressing JDS against the fence. When they broke either because of the rare occasion when JDS was able to create space or Cain just decided to grant space, JDS looked much better. Whenever they had space, JDS was clearly the more dangerous, dynamic and skilled fighter.

The old saying, just because you can doesn't mean you should - to me that rings true in a weird way here. If Cain doesn't possess great finishing skills, punching power or submissions - he should thank God every night he was blessed with 4 gas tanks when the average HW has 1/2 of one. He certainly is using the tools in his belt to the best of his ability. But to me that fight didn't seem fair in a weird way. It was like Cain was thinking, "I know you can beat me standing, so let me hold you here against this wall for 22 minutes of the next 25 and pitter pat you until you wear out."

Now, before you start hating on me - be honest with yourself and tell me you didn't think the same thing at least once every round...

With that said however, it isn't like JDS didn't know this was coming. In my mind JDS should have planned for this and trained his ju-jitsu and wrestling HARD for the entire camp. Sure he can still wing a bomb here and there, but don't just stand against the cage for the entire time against your will. Stay in the center of the octagon too JDS! Don't make his job of shoving you against the fence easier because you keep back peddling right into it! Next, keep your damn hands up JDS! In the third round you were starting to score until he popped you with your hands at your hips and dropped you.

Finally, fair is fair and even though perhaps I'm not a fan of the Cormier and Cain smother against the fence (Cormier followed the same blue print when he fought Mir), if fighters don't like it then stop it somehow. This is their game right now and someone needs to step up and stop it.

Going back to UFC 1, Royce Gracie was able to stop all sorts of opponents, big and small with his incredible ju-jitsu. JDS needs to go back to square one and watch those first few UFC events and realize those techniques are what he needs to round out his game. When he can't create space for more than 4 or 5 seconds, don't force it, just take down Cain yourself or drop to your guard if you can't take him down and go for the submission. When JDS finally went for the sub, he was too exhausted and covered in blood for it to work.

I am a HUGE JDS fan if you can't tell and this doesn't mean I don't like Cain. It's just that JDS has such a great personality, he is humble and always smiling and just seems like genuine good human being. Funny he comes out to Rocky soundtrack because he does remind me of a real life Rocky with his sense of humor and amazing heart.

I hope he recovers quickly and I hope he watches the tape and continues to train his boxing but goes crazy with tightening up his ju-jitsu. IF he ever faces Cain again, please don't let it be a fence fest for a third time!

Thanks for reading. I welcome all comments, do you agree or disagree with my point of view?

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