The Ultimate Fighter 18 Rousey X Tate - Episode 7 WWIII was avoided, Honda flips Team Tate the bird

Oh Snap - He Got Beat at the Game He Wanted to Play!



Here we are, like what, halfway through the season? Episode 7 of The Ultimate Fighter 18 aired Wednesday night. Get your fix in now people because the previews showed a mid-season recap next week? That's a first, maybe they will show us some never before seen footage? I did just see a discussion online where Dana said next week is NOT a recap episode. Like I'm not gonna watch anyways.

Here are my jotted down, shorthand notes from the show this week. Hill fought Wootten, WWIII was avoided, Honda flips Team Tate the bird. Enjoy. You see anything I missed or want to share? Leave a comment, I shall do my best to respond.

The Ultimate Fighter 18 - Episode 7 - post-it notes from

  • It's Father's Day inside The Ultimate Fighter house (or would it be the The Ultimate Fighter house?) and Ronda Rousey visits. She brings gifts to the male fighters and even brings one for Team Tate member Cody Bollinger. Team Rousey even did their own investigative work and found family pics to include with the gifts. Super nice of Team Rousey to do this.
  • Oh yeah, Bollinger was bawling. And before you leave any comments about "oh, he's a father..." Two words, Armed Forces. He will be in Vegas for a total of 6 weeks. I know they're young and you miss them, but there are people making much harder sacrifices on Father's Day.
  • Josh Hill tells us he went straight to pro, no ammy fights. Oh Canada.



  • Team Tate tried to spin Edmond up to Defcon 5 with another prank. This time they had a pic of that chick from the movie Dodgeball - the glaring Russian one - they wrote Edmond Rousey on it and plastered it all over the UFC training center saying that is how the offspring would look.
  • Uncle Dana diffused the sitch by going to the gym and doing his best to remove all traces of the prank. He missed a few which is how Edmond found out. I do not understand Dana interfering with this season of TUF though. It was okay for men to eat sushi that was covered in male body fluids (not pee,) it was fine for Rampage and Evans to come to near blows. Dana I guess draws the line if you go to Kinko's and make copies. Maybe he was worried about infringing on the Dodgeball franchise?



  • Ronda tried to label this as racist by explaining to everyone that it would be the same as if people called Chris Beal Ashy Larry. Pokay Honda. I think it is more telling that you connect these pranks to race, black or Armenian. Edmond has a unibrow, big deal. When Honda made this claim to her team, looking for support, pure silence. And it was golden.
  • By playing these pranks on Team Rousey, Tate has taken Ronda's focus away from training her team into responding & worrying about these dumb games, at least part of the time. Well done Miesha.
  • I have done those hip explosion drills Ronda showed to her team. They are awesome for hip mobility. They also suck ace.
  • I see Dana does not like Hill's fighting style. I saw it when Dana said "I hate that sh!t."
  • I wonder if Manny is watching Hill (and his style) and thinking - hey, that's me.
  • You can tell that by the middle of the 2nd round Hill was starting to tire and Wootten was picking up steam. Wootten hit a slick double and ended up taking the grappler down. Very nice.



  • The fight ended up going to a 3rd but based on the action, it was easy to call the winner. Josh Hill wanted to play the grappling game, unfortunately he ended up underneath it in the last deciding round.

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