WMMA October Recap part 1 - Megumi Fujii ends career in disappointment

Since October had many fights, I decided to recap two weeks into the month

This is where I separate what's relevant in WMMA from what isn't. Lets take a look, there is video for every single fight today. woo! ... hoo!


135lbs: Amanda Kelly def. Hannah Stephens via round 1 KO

Stephens had no business being in the cage with Kelly. I thought striking from range, they were sort of equal, but once it got into clinch Stephen’s got her Frank Mir on and wilted. Elbows and knees for days.

Kelly says she cuts from 145lbs but she still looks frail. Being a Muay Thai Champion at bantamweight, I have to make the comparison with Miriam Nakamoto. Nakamoto looks much bigger, thicker, and her strikes look a lot more vicious. Kelly has this Martin Kampmann feel to her attack. Nonetheless, it was a decent MMA debut, but my expectations are moderate.

Link to fight


115lbs: #2 Jessica Aguilar "def." #1 Megumi Fujii via technical majority decision (changed from round 2 doctor stoppage)

Man, I’m so depressed from this fight, I don’t even wanna talk about it.

Here’s the fight… if you hear a baby crying, that’s from the broadcast, and extremely fitting… 15 MINUTES AND YOU DON’T STOP THE GODDAMN FIGHT!?

The fight


125lbs: #12 Carina Damm def. Yelka Torres via round 1 submission

Not even 30 seconds into the fight, all I’m thinking is damn, Damm is doing what she does best… roll on overmatched opponents. And, yup. The textbook Damm vs. overmatched opponent. Damm’s left head kicks were surprisingly fast, and the failed American attempt to armbar was pretty. I don’t know if Invicta will ever give Damm a chance with two PED busts (they did give Cyborg a chance), but travelling the world, beating up girls for a few thousand doesn’t seem too bad.

Fight here

135lbs: #16 Holly Holm def. Nikki Knudsen via round 2 TKO

… I mean, there’s a reason Knudsen was a minus 3000 underdog. This is the most I’ve seen Holm open up in her MMA striking, and it was extremely enjoyable to watch. The bantamweight division has some great strikers, de Randamie, Nakamoto, and Holm is ready for the UFC. She’s better than Kedzie, Andrade, Sexton and all those chicks, but maybe she’s not confident in her ground game yet.

Two fun facts: Someone missed weight for the "get into the house" elimination fights, and Knudsen was replacement option #2. Who missed weight, and who was replacement #1 is unknown.

According to Mike Wilkeljohn, Holm turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars from boxing to do MMA.

Full dismantling here

145lbs: Ashlee Evans-Smith def. Fallon Fox via round 3 TKO

The full fight and my thoughts are here.



Invicta announced a lot of match ups Invicta 7 in December

took this shit from wikipedia and I love it


And a good scrap on TUF between Jessamyn Duke and Raquel Pennington, by far the best fight of the season

Juliana Lima def. Liliani Trolezi via round 1 TKO

Lima was 5-0 before losing in Invicta to undefeated #5 Strawweight Katja Kankaanpaa. Her opponent was debuting, and this was at flyweight, I believe. She unleashed that Bigfoot-on-Fedor/Ninja Rua style "rape choke" attack. Anyone know if this is a Chute Box special? I remember Wanderlei doing this on Jardine as well.





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