TUF 18 Tate X Rousey Episode 6 - Duke & Penn Put On An Epic Fight



The 6th episode of TUF 18 aired this Wednesday night. The Ultimate Fighter is one of my favorite shows and I look forward to the new episodes each week. Jessamyn Duke and Raquel Pennington squared off, there were no conflicts between the coaches (boo,) and Julianna tried to play dress up with a couple of living dolls.

There wasn't much this week to poke fun at. There was very little inside the house drama and we had a fight that went all 3 rounds. We did see that dude Anthony, he was a little bit tipsy trying to flirt with the girls. Yes, the same girls that a couple of weeks ago he said he found annoying. Oh what alcohol will do. Gots a feeling when he gets more air time, I ain't gonna like him.

Buzzed Anthony kept making noise one night by throwing stuff against the wall and jumping in random beds. I would have a really hard time not flipping out if I had a fight coming up like Raquel did. At least the women got him back the next morning by jumping on his bed and then dumping him out of it.

10 Things I Wrote Down

1) What constitutes a muay thai specialist? If you trained in it ? Ever? The show stated that Duke was a muay thai specialist. How so? Am I being sexist for asking? It seems like the standard would be even more different for women fighters. Like Michelle Waterson or Gina Carano - muay thai.


2) Julianna gave Pennington and Moras (I think) makeovers. And by makeovers I mean she caked it on and then made them wear heels. Those women trying to walk poolside in heels was pretty damned funny. Even Julianna said something about them walking like linebackers and it was spot on.

3) Is Miesha missing some teeth? Gawd I hope not. While Raquel was sparring with man-child Bollinger, Tate was giving her some instructions and it looked like all of a sudden Miesha had a lisp and her lip moved differently. When I saw it, I wondered if like Dan Henderson, she has a mouthpiece with some false teeth affixed to it. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if she was missing some teeth, it would just surprise me if true.

4) Pennington's sparring session looked crisp and aggressive.


5) Hey, hey the teams get to go to some bar and watch the fights. There's got to be a coaching fight right? Sadly there wasn't.

6) Pennington's boxing, both offensive and defensive, looked great.

7) This is a great gd fight. I wrote that sentence after. This might be the best fight of recent seasons, and yes I realize this is the first women's season. I am counting guys as well. Duke's face was jacked. She was landing some decent knees and Pennington landed some nice straight rights and a couple of her teeps caught Duke square in the gut.


8) Man do I cringe every time I see a shin to shin kick. Did you guys see it? Friggin' ouch.

9) The fight was so crazy and the teams were worked up into such a frenzy that by the 3rd round, the viewers, us, could hear no instructions from the corners. It was loud in there.

10) I don't know how eager I'd be to fight a girl nicknamed Rocky that is covered in tattoos.

Anything you'd like to add? Did I miss something? Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to share. Looking for more to read? You can check out my profile page on SB Nation or you can visit my bbjj and mma site by clicking here.

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