jones vs sonnen ufc

I`m still a huge Jon Jones fan. I do not understand how people are mad at Jones not wanting to fight Sonnen. If Jones loses he will get shit for taking the fight on short notice. If he wins he will get shit for beating a guy who just came off a loss. When Strike Force had Brett Rogers fight Overeem for the belt after he was coming off a loss, people hated on Strike Force for putting on that fight. This happens in the UFC and its Bones ducking Chael.

Let’s look at this from Chael’s view.

A guy who hasn't had a fight in the LWH division in years leap frogs the entire division to a title fight. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If he beats Jones, he becomes LHW champ; if he loses then oh well, he got beat by a very talented champ (Sound strangely familiar to his last fight.) To get a shot at the champ with having never fought at LHW would be trash, he will not ever work his way to a shot by "earning it" (Linkers love to complain about how fighters are gifted title shots.)

Dana white cancelled the card.

He made the decision. In the past year injuries have wreaked havoc on fight cards and they went on. Jones is the champ and he shouldn`t have to fight on short notice if he does not want too. Dana White saying "selfish disgusting decision" is utter garbage. Selfish decisions? Taking one for the team? Looking out for the fans? Trying to help the other fighters? How about releasing the UFC profits to public record? That would answer the fans questions, it would answer the fighter’s questions, and it would be a very unselfish respectful decision, very team player of them, if they would do it. That shit won’t happen because it would be bad for business, end of conversation. Jon Jones is in a crucial point in his career, he has the chance to make millions of dollars, bring larger sponsors into MMA than the sport has ever seen, and potentially will ever see. He made a logical choice.

All of these other fighters coming out and saying, I took a fight on 24 hour notice etc. is silly, how many of those fighters gained from taking those fights? Very few. Let’s look at some examples; Rick Story was on a large win streak, than his opponent Nate the great was pulled from the card two days before the fight. Story decided he would fight Brennman, he agreed to fight a guy, which would give him no credibility if he won and would ruin his work from previous fights if he lost. Story lost a horribly boring fight; fans right away said he was over-rated and wrote him off. His career has been stagnant at best since then.

The Axe Murderer takes the short on notice fight against Franklin, a guy he already lost a decision to, he loses another decision. This time he loses to an American in Brazil and is gassed for half the fight. The PPV sold jack shit, and no one cared either way about that fight. Franklin drops to middleweight, Wandy spends one of this last fights in a rematch little too few people cared to see.

Kongo, accepts a fight on short notice with Shawn Jordan. Jordan steps up to fight a big UFC fighter, he has nothing to lose, he is no name to the nearly all fans. Their fight is consider one of the most boring fights in UFC history, Dana bitches a bunch.

The list goes on...

A guy I’m a fan of, Brian Ebersole, he stepped up too fight Chris Lytle on short notice. This guy came out of fucking nowhere; no casual fan knew him, no one. He has everything to gain and nothing in the world to lose (save some brain cells from lights out.). Chris had a nice win streak and people had been campaigning him for a title shot. Chris agrees to the fight and loses, Brian make a big debut. Instead of a potential title fight or number one contender fight, he fights Dan Hardy in a war and retires. Brian than goes on to win a few more fights at WW and puts together a nice win streak( even got the 75000 dollar bonus for getting those horrible shorts off the PPV "as quickly as possible"). After a few boring decision wins he decides to drop weight and try out LW. So far so good for Arrow Chest, then he accepts a fight on short notice and gets beat, his win streak stopped cold, his momentum ended and he becomes another fighter dropping weight having lost his last fight to the bigger guy.

If I missed the guy who took a fight on short notice two weeks out or sooner and then went to win his way to a title shot or the champ who defended his belt on 8 days or less notice, let me know.

Jones taking the fight against Sonnen would have been a terrible choice. Though, it does seem like Machida, whom Jones also has to fight on short notice, is the tougher fight. However fighting Lyoto is closer to Dan then Chael to Dan. Jones had to focus primarily on Dan`s "h- bomb" he said in the pre-fight conference call he was more worried about Dan`s striking than his wrestling. Lyoto is the same, albeit a better striker, Jones will have to focus more on striking. Chael is not going to strike he is going to bum rush for the TD and he has shown good top game, at least the ability to control the fight from the top. It clear to me Jones mad the correct choice not fighting Sonnen on short notice.

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