Gerald Harris Unimpressive in Legacy Fighting Victory

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In 2010, Gerald Harris was among the most promising middleweights in the UFC. But that now seems like a long time ago, as Harris has become a tentative and unimpressive fighter, even when he wins.

Harris took a unanimous decision victory over Eric Davila on Friday night's Legacy Fighting card, but he didn't look good in doing it. Davila took the fight at the last minute when Harris's original opponent, D.J. Linderman, couldn't make weight, and Harris should have beaten him handily. Instead, Harris was content to grind out the first two rounds and then hang on to win a decision in the third.

The fans booed Harris afterward, and Harris took exception to that.

"I don't mind you all booing, but unless you've gotten in here, you should applaud everyone who gets in here, because we work hard," Harris told the crowd after the fight.

Harris picked up Davila and slammed him to the ground a few times in the first two rounds, but all he did was control Davila on the ground, without ever coming close to putting Davila in any trouble. Late in the third round Davila got on top of Harris and took control on the ground, but he wasn't able to do anything with his dominant position, and Harris hung on to win the decision. All three judges scored it 29-28.

Harris has now won three straight fights in small promotions, but they've all been decisions against mediocre opponents. It's hard to believe that this is the same fighter who finished three guys in the UFC in 2010.

In other Legacy Fighting action:

-- Pat Audinwood won the main event with a third-round arm bar of Justin Reiswerg. Reiswerg appeared to injure his foot or ankle early in the first round but toughed it out and kept fighting. But Audinwood took control of the fight in the third and finished it on the ground.

-- Rey Trujillo knocked out Munil Adriano in devastating fashion with a Superman punch. Trujillo's right hand connected directly to Adriano's chin, and Adriano was out cold before he hit the ground. The whole fight lasted just 24 seconds.

-- Chidi Njokuani knocked Jon Harris down with a big knee to the body and finished him off with a couple of punches on the ground for a first-round TKO.

-- Carson Beebe won a very one-sided unanimous decision over Tim Snyder, 30-27 on all three judges' cards.

-- In a highly entertaining fight to start the HDNet card, Alex Morono won by first-round TKO by throwing wild haymakers to knock Rashon Lewis down and pouncing on him on the ground.

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