Matt Mitrione: To Tweet or Not to Tweet – UFC Fighters HAVE to use TWITTER?

Penny Buffington - PennyJoMMA

MMA2DAY Show interview with Matt Mitrione:

"I have a twitter it is @MattMitrione ( he chuckles ) but to be honest with you, man I grew up pretty ghetto and I woke up in the morning a couple of days ago and I am highly aggressive. I am ready to fight and I was listening to Tupac; Me against the World and I was just like mad at the world and I read something on twitter that made me angry so I just deleted my twitter account. It was like me against the world and I erased it. I had a Nick Diaz moment. I will probably get told to reinstate it. If I don’t, I don’t know what I will do with it."

Matt is replacing an injured Shane Carwin against Roy Nelson The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale. Date: December 15, 2012.

"Actually I am the one that made the call. This is a fight that sounded like some fun. Much more intriguing as the fight I had at the moment and I was looking for something sooner I didn’t want to wait I have been on the shelf long enough."

"This is a good thing for me to see where my body is at. My coaches have taught me what I can absorb and I think it will be fun. It will be fun to get in there. I might get my ass knocked out in 30 seconds or I might get a hold of him and put him to sleep. You never know. Hell I might even submit him. But I think that is the beautiful part of MMA. We compete that is what we do. We are professional competitors and we will figure it out. However it goes, it goes and whatever will happen, will happen and I think after that I will have a much better mental image or mental picture of where I belong and so will the MMA fans."

"You still lift those tires thinking shit this is going to suck today."

Mitrione is a member of South Florida’s Blackzilian Team who also gets help from MMA legend Randy Couture:

"Any time I can work with Randy I would drive 300 miles to do it. He is a friend of mine. He gives me quite a bit of tooliage. He has some connections with Indianapolis and so whenever he comes to town we work and whenever I go to Vegas I work at Randy’s joint and his grappling coach, coach Neal is my grappling coach. So we actually have a lot in common to the point where I can ask him specific things like – hey coach what about this and how about this and he knows exactly where I am at and what I have been taught up to that point because he and coach Neal stay in contact. Then the three of us have a phone conversation."

To hear more from this entertaining fighter:

MMA2DAY Show Special Guest Sunday, Dec 2: UFC Heavyweight Matt Mitrione

The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale. Date: December 15, 2012.

Matt Mitrione will replace an injured Shane Carwin

Matt Mitrione

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