Understanding the "Hybrid MMA Fan"

Is it really any wonder that fans of mixed martial arts scratch their heads at the special segment of hybrid MMA/WWE fans who are constantly gossiping about what media quotes or stories they heard about an MMA fighter’s personal life? They seem to analyze the fighter’s every word in a printed story and interpret every video clip for a fighter’s facial expressions and voice inflections, adding their own special spin as seen through their eyes.

Listen to the way one hybrid fan recently explained it to me:

"I suppose what I was trying to say with my earlier post is that Jones has always come across like someone who feints humility while trying to hide an enormous ego… so big deal, lots of people are. But if he’s truly a humble guy as he likes to portray, why turn his nose up at the prospect of fighting someone who is very highly rated and respected?"

Well, it really doesn’t answer the question. Whether a fighter is humble, smug, phoney, or funny…why on earth does it matter to you?

Another WWE hybrid fan chimed in with this:

“Is it really that hard for you to understand such a simple concept?? Whether u love or hate Jones, it draws eyeballs. Personality counts. If jones wasn’t such a douche, he wouldn’t sell. So appreciate us fans who hate him because u may not have had the opportunity to gobble on his nuts if it weren’t for us.”

Hmmmmm….Ok, simple to understand. If you say so.

Why is it that Jones behavior upsets these MMA hybrid fans yet Diaz, Sonnen and others get a pass?

Well it’s all quite so simple. Even a child could understand it, see? Fighter A’s behavior is obviously not authentic. Fighter B’s behavior might on the surface seem worse than fighter A’s, but if you look at it through the eyes of these special hybrid fans, Fighter B is just keeping it real. There, you see? No double standards whatsoever. No hypocrisy. No inconsistency at all. It’s all as simple as A,B,C’s.

Okay. If you say so.

Well, well…I just don’t get it. Maybe it is at the core about creating heroes and villains. Maybe there’s an element of racism involved. Maybe it’s just some kind of a special language that only these special hybrid fans can understand among themselves. Are they mostly teenagers, truckers, National Enquirer readers….Who knows?? My own guess is that these fans are not really mixed martial arts fans in a true sense, but more of a WWE/MMA hybrid type of fan. They like the sport aspect but get off on the theatre as well.

Whatever it is…it’s not simple.

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