Morning Report: King Mo Lawal rips 'UFC groupie-ness;' Nick Diaz says Silva vs. Bonnar is a 'joke'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Is it just me, or does it not seem like fight day? Maybe it's the bizarre lack of hype behind UFC on FX 5, maybe it's the busy event schedule taking its toll, or maybe it really is just me, but this weekend doesn't seem to be carrying a ton of momentum into it. Which is strange, because when you glance at the calendar, three out of the four big promotions -- UFC, Bellator and ONE FC -- are all staging an event within the next 48 hours.

Looking things over, there's plenty of great fights to be had. Jens Pulver, Melvin Manhoef, Shinya Aoki, and two title bouts are all going down in Singapore. Brett Rogers and the rest of the Bellator heavyweights are gearing up to replace retired champion Cole Konrad. And of course, UFC on FX 5 isn't a bad card by any stretch of the imagination.

John Dodson vs. Jussier Formiga, in particular, should be a breathtaking scrap with massive title implications, seeing as the winner is confirmed to get the first crack at Demetrious Johnson's flyweight belt. Still, I have to admit it's odd to see the complete lack of a promotional push that fight has gotten from Zuffa. It features a former TUF champion, and is easily the most significant bout rankings-wise on the whole card. Yet, it didn't even grace the event poster. Just-got-knocked-out Josh Neer vs. loser-of-2-of-3 Justin Edwards stole that thunder. I'm starting to ramble here, but if Dana White wants to generate interest in the flyweights, burying them under a match-up of top-30 (?) welterweights doesn't exactly instill confidence.

But anyway, there's really no shortage of action to look forward to this weekend. So for now, let's just sit back, get to some headlines, and charge up the batteries. You're going to need all the energy you can get soon enough.



Diaz would fight GSP tomorrow, thinks Silva-Bonnar is a 'joke.' Speaking on MMA Uncensored, suspended welterweight Nick Diaz said he considers UFC 153's main event to be a "joke," and he would be ready to fight Georges St-Pierre tomorrow, if asked.

UFC on FX 5 weigh-ins, Hallman cut. All main card fighters made weight at Thursday's UFC on FX 5 weigh-ins, including heavyweight headliners Travis Browne and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva. Undercard fighter Dennis Hallman missed weight due to self-described "personal reasons at home," leading his bout against Thiago Tavares to be cancelled. Both fighters will be paid their full purses, however Hallman was released from the UFC.

Lawal rips UFC groupie-ness. New Bellator signee Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal defended his promotion's enforcement of 'matching rights' stipulations in contracts, stating, "A lot of this UFC groupie-ness is a joke. If the UFC does it, turn your head. But if Bellator or somebody else does it, all eyes are focused on them, (and) it's negative."

Bonnar wants to 'shock the world.' In advance of his surprise fight against Anderson Silva, 13-to-1 underdog Stephan Bonnar said everything is so surreal right now, it feels like he's in a movie. Nonetheless, Bonnar remains confident he can shock the world.

Silva talks reason for volunteering. UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva explained why he stepped up on short notice to fight at UFC 153, despite planning to sit out the remainder of 2012: "It was a case where the event might have been cancelled and I'm just doing my part."

UFC eyeing Alvarez. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney admitted that Eddie Alvarez's fight against Patricky Pitbull next week will "in all likelihood" be his last with the promotion. Alvarez, the former Bellator lightweight champion, is expected sign with the UFC.



Seriously, who expected these two big guys to snag the early top-seed for 'Contentious Staredown of the Month?'


Standing 6-foot-7, 245 pounds, Travis Browne is a large man. But when you're side-by-side against 300+ pound football behemoths, suddenly you don't seem seem so imposing.


Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has a long and violent history in this sport, so Zombie Prophet has taken the liberty of compiling it all in one convenient, gloriously brutal playlist for your enjoyment. For more, feel free to subscribe.


Newer UFC contracts have stipulations in them prohibiting "dangerous activities," including extreme sports like wakeboarding. Donald Cerrone, who is currently employed under one of those contracts, enjoys wakeboarding enough to aspire to be a pro wakeboarder. And thus, you see the problem here. Said Cerrone: "That's who I am, you know? I'm just wild and crazy and I need these things."


Dennis Hallman wasn't able to make weight yesterday and his fight with Thiago Tavares was cancelled. But apparently Hallman's 15-year-old son just crushed a 21-year-old kid, so we're going to go ahead and slip this in as a replacement.

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Announced yesterday (Thursday, October 4, 2012):

  • UFC 153: Geronimo dos Santos (31-14) out with injury opposite Gabriel Gonzaga (13-6)
  • UFC on FX 5: Thiago Tavares (17-4-1) vs. Dennis Hallman (51-14-2, 1 NC) cancelled
  • Star-divide


    Today's Fanpost of the Day comes from Alex C., who wants you to know: You Can't Beat Up A Flyweight

    Unless you train in mixed martial arts, your chances of beating up a member of the UFC's flyweight division are slim to none.

    Even if you train in MMA, you're probably not a world beater. Sorry, not everyone can be a one percenter.

    So why is that the flyweights are receiving a healthy dose of disrespect amongst many MMA fans?

    If you're not really into fights that seem destined for a decision, that's cool, despite your slight misguidedness. When fans are shelling out the kind of dough required to buy a UFC pay-per-view it seems unseemly to critize anyone for picking a particular fighting style they find more palatable over another.

    But suggesting that watching a world-class athlete is a similar experience to watching third graders fight is going above and beyond in the belittling department.

    It seems many MMA fans have taken to the comment's section of their favorite MMA sites to puff out their chests and pound their keyboards in proclomation that they perceive an ability to better an MMA flyweight should an unlikely situation arise where they could test their mettle against a world-class fighter (some fantasy huh?).

    If you don't enjoy "technical" fights or conditioning, speed and agility, all elements of the fight game that flyweights are above average in, fine. Like Dana White said, don't watch. Save your money. Go find a life outside of the grinding schedule the UFC puts us MMA fans through on the weekends.

    But should little ole Demetrious Johnson strole into your local bar and you're feeling frisky, do yourself a favor. Don't pick that time to test your manhood. Johnson will light you up with six punches to the face before you can fall off your bar stool.

    You wouldn't want any of your drinking buddies thinking a third grader beat you up at your local watering hole, would you?

    Found something you'd like to see in the Morning Report? Just hit me on Twitter @shaunalshatti and we'll include it in Monday's column.

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