You Can't Beat Up A Flyweight

Unless you train in mixed martial arts, your chances of beating up a member of the UFC's flyweight division are slim to none.

Even if you train in MMA, you're probably not a world beater. Sorry, not everyone can be a one percenter.

So why is that the flyweights are receiving a healthy dose of disrespect amongst many MMA fans?

If you're not really into fights that seem destined for a decision, that's cool, despite your slight misguidedness. When fans are shelling out the kind of dough required to buy a UFC pay-per-view it seems unseemly to critize anyone for picking a particular fighting style they find more palatable over another.

But suggesting that watching a world-class athlete is a similar experience to watching third graders fight is going above and beyond in the belittling department.

It seems many MMA fans have taken to the comment's section of their favorite MMA sites to puff out their chests and pound their keyboards in proclomation that they perceive an ability to better an MMA flyweight should an unlikely situation arise where they could test their mettle against a world-class fighter (some fantasy huh?).

If you don't enjoy "technical" fights or conditioning, speed and agility, all elements of the fight game that flyweights are above average in, fine. Like Dana White said, don't watch. Save your money. Go find a life outside of the grinding schedule the UFC puts us MMA fans through on the weekends.

But should little ole Demetrious Johnson strole into your local bar and you're feeling frisky, do yourself a favor. Don't pick that time to test your manhood. Johnson will light you up with six punches to the face before you can fall off your bar stool.

You wouldn't want any of your drinking buddies thinking a third grader beat you up at your local watering hole, would you?

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