UFC 141 Blog: Donald Cerrrone Believes He's in Nate Diaz's Head

Nate Diaz pushes Donald Cerrone at the UFC 141 pre-fight press conference.This is going to be a little on the short side because I'm in murder/death/kill mode right now after what happened at the press conference. I'm done talking and ready to fight this guy.

What I can say is that Nate Diaz is a little (individual) who is going to get his ass kicked at UFC 141 tomorrow night.

What happened yesterday when Dana White brought us together to do a pose-down? That was all Diaz. He came towards me, he was mumbling something stupid – who knows what, you can't tell a word of it and when you do it still makes no sense – and I said "let's bring it" and he swatted my cowboy hat and acted all tough guy.

That's a $1000 hat he knocked on the ground.

Yeah, I am pretty damn mad. But I'm not getting paid to fight at press conferences. I get paid to fight at UFC 141 on tomorrow night, co-main event, when it counts and where it counts: in the Octagon.

Let's see if this little (individual) is brave and such a tough guy on Friday. Let's see if he gets in my face then. Let's see if he even has the balls to even come close. I acted like a professional yesterday, and I will act like one today at the weigh-in. Tomorrow night, I'm gonna make him pay.

What yesterday showed was that the bully is getting bullied. The Diaz brothers are bullies, all that street-thug stuff gets inside opponent's heads. They are the guys who punk everyone out and get in everyone else's heads, but what's happened now, tough guy? Now the tables have been turned on you and you are getting punked out, you are the guy freaking out and looking uncomfortable and your delusions of being this intimidating bad ass aren't working no more.

It feels good to turn the tables, to see this (individual) get punked out. I'm in his head now, he looked uncomfortable when I worked out in front of him, and he freaked out yesterday.

He's worrying about me rather than on what he's doing.

But I'm not underestimating him. Like I said all week, I respect the guy as a fighter. He will bring it tomorrow night. I know he will fight with everyone he's got. But that's not enough. Nowhere even close.

That same dumb hands-up tough-guy pose he did at the press conference? He does that in the Octagon too. That's going to be his ticket to a world of hurt. That's going to get his head bashed in and his ribs cracked open.

UFC 141 is live on Pay-Per-View Friday night at 10ET/7PT.

Follow 'Cowboy' Cerrone on twitter @Cowboycerrone.

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