ONE FC Live Blog: Kwon vs. Folayang, Baroni vs. Yoshida

This is the ONE FC 1: Champion vs Champion live blog for A Sol Kwon vs. Eduard Folayang and Phil Baroni vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida, the headliners of the debut event for the upstart promotion from the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore.

Korea's A Sol Kwon will look for his ninth straight victory against 9-1 Filipino Eduard Folayang, and Phil Baroni will look for his second consecutive win post-UFC against fellow UFC veteran Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

The first bout is scheduled to begin at around 8 a.m. ET/5 a.m. PT.

A Sol Kwon vs. Eduard Folayang
Round 1:
A cautious start with Kwon watching carefully as Folayang edges forward and makes his way in with strikes. A jab and right hand from Kwon snaps Folayang's head back – the best blows so far. Folayang hammers the body a kick and Kwon counters with a hook that briefly buckles Folayang. Kwon is landing well here although not throwing a huge number of strikes. Folayang lands another hard kick to the body and then a blow to the leg that seems to damage the lead knee of Kwon. Folayang rushes forward with strikes and Kwon reacts badly – moving straight backwards.

Round 2:
Folayang's nose looks to be crooked as we start the second period. Folayang is aggressive but gets caught with a blow that opens up a cut that sends blood streaming down his face. The cut is just off to the side of the eye and should be OK. We stop for a doctor check. We have had a couple head clashes in this third round, the cut may have be a result of that.

We restart and Folayang turns it up a notch, his footwork excellent as he covers a massive amount of distance to deliver kicks to a retreating Kwon. Referee Matt Hume warns Kwon for a lack of action. Folayang continues to blast Kwon with kicks to the body and legs, the Korean relatively inactive although landing well with punches when he does launch them.

Round 3:
Folayang is again the aggressor but an errant kick catches Kwon low. After a short break we restart and Kwon clinches, looking for a takedown. An outside trip is violently reversed by Folayang, Kwon getting thrown to the mat. They get back to their feet after Kwon lands a throw of his own and Folayang catches Kwon with punches while moving straight backwards. Folayang looking badly damaged here despite landing much better. Kwon again gets caught with punches while moving backwards – the third time this has happened during the bout. Folayang lands punches that rock Kwon's head back and bloodies his nose. As the round ends Folayang again drives Kwon straight backwards.

Folayang's work rate should lead to him easily taking the decision here. In the post fight interview we see the extent of the damage Kwon did - Folayang has a broken nose, mouse under one eye and a cut about the other.

Winner: Eduard Folayang by Unaimous Decision

Phil Baroni vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Round 1
: Baroni stalks Yoshida, looking for an quick finish. After the first swing from his opponent, Yoshida clinches and uses his judo to throw to side control. Yoshida taking his time, Baroni looking for weak hammerfists from his back and eventually shrimping and escaping to his feet. Yoshida instantly gets the takedown again though, pinning Baroni against the cage and landing blows to the ribs. Yoshida advances to half guard before passing again to side control, dominating the round although not causing a lot of damage. Baroni works his away back to his feet only to be kicked in the head before round ends.

Round 2:
We start the second stanza and Baroni shakes his arms and bounces up and down, attempting to regain some energy. Yoshida is relaxed but only just avoiding Baroni's looping hooks. Baroni looks to be tired and is not keeping his hands up at all between exchanges. Yoshida shoots a double leg but Baroni easily sprawls on it and finds himself on top in half guard. Yoshida is able to stand quickly and then tries again for the high double, getting the takedown this time against the cage. Yoshida controlling the action, pounding from Baroni's open guard and then moving to get his opponent's back. Baroni escapes and attempts to rough up Yoshida with punches but there is little heat behind them at this point.

Round 3:
Yoshida has a winning gameplan here and drives for the takedown as soon as we start the round. Baroni stands but looks exhausted, Yoshida tireless in his takedowns. Baroni looks for the Hail Mary guillotine choke from half guard but nothing happening. Yoshida passes through into mount and grapevines the legs of Baroni, taking away his ability to shrimp out. Yoshida retains mount, throwing in just enough punches to keep the bout from being stood up. Baroni is visibly exhausted and ask referee Yuji Shimada for the time. Yoshida looks for the finish in the closing seconds, attempting to get a kesa gatame choke but not getting the tap.

We go to the final bell and Baroni ignores Yoshida's attempt to embrace. The Japanese fighter easily takes the decision. Totally one-sided fight.

Winner: Yoshiyuki Yoshida via Unanimous Decision

Mitch Chilson vs. Eric Kelly
Round 1:
Kelly an impression early, driving his foot through Chilson's face with a front kick. Wanting no more of that Chilson takes the bout to the ground where he lands some elbows, but Kelly's guard is good. Kelly attempts to stand and after a brief scramble, manages to get it back to the feet.

As the fighters stand we see a large cut over Chilson's eye. The doctor's check the cut and he is fit to continue.

Both fighters have a sense of urgency as the bout restarts, haymakers threatening to take out the ring lights. Chilson gives up his neck as he overreaches for a takedown and Kelly slaps on a standing rear naked choke. Chilson drops unconscious to the mat seconds later, handed the first loss of his career. Referee Yuji Shimada stops the bout as Chilson wakes up from his slumber and attempts to put Kelly in a clinch, unaware that he was asleep only moments prior.

Post fight Kelly says he wants to represent the Philippines in the UFC.

Winner: Eric Kelly via Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Round 1, 3.10

Gregor Gracie vs. Seok Mo Kim
Round 1:
No Gracie Train as Gregor Gracie makes his way to the round cage. I'm disappointed. Bout starts and Gracie jumps back, apparently not ready to start. After moment he comes back in with a pair of punches that bring Kim's hands up, opening up the possibility for a shot. Gracie gets the easy takedown into mount. Gracie picks his punches from mount, taking his time and edging his way up into a high mount. Gracie looks for a triangle, rolls to guard to finish it but Kim easily pulls out. Back on the feet, Kim lands a low kick that hits Gracie square in the cup.

After a break, they restart and Kim comes to life, landing punches, knees and a high kick that has Gracie on rubber legs. The round ends as Gracie recovers.

Round 2:
Kim has confidence after his efforts in the late in the last round, his strikes have Gracie intimidated. Punches and a knee slip through for the Korean before Gracie shoots a power double and immediately looks for the head-arm triangle on the mat. The choke looks good but Kim waves it off and Gracie is unable to finish. Gracie squeezes again for the finish but it just isn't there. Gracie gives it up and moves to mount. Gracie picks his shots in mount but is not able to get much through. The round finishes with Gracie sitting on his opponent.

Round 3:
They are tentative on the feet, Gracie wary of striking, Kim wary of the ground. One minute in Kim lands another low kick to the groin and Gracie takes a break. They restart and Kim lands a hard knee as Gracie drives his opponent into the cage. Gracie turns the corner and again gets the bout to the canvas, again into mount.

Gracie ignores submissions this time, instead opting to retain position and attempt to pound his opponent. After a minute of Kim defending strikes, Gracie looks for another head-arm triangle but again Kim can escape. Gracie recovers mount and retains it until the final bell.

Gracie should take an easy decision here. Remember, we are scoring the bout as a whole rather than round by round.

Winner: Gregor Gracie via Unanimous Decision

Andy Wang vs. Zorobabel Moreira
Note: Even after requesting that the bout moved from 155 lbs to 159 lbs, Andy Wang still missed weight, coming in at 163.1. Wang forfeits a percentage of his purse.

Round 1:
Quite scrappy as the bout starts, both fighters seeming a little jittery. Moreira reaches out for a clinch but Wang takes a finger to the eye. Fight is stopped and Wang seems to be concerned about his eye. Worth noting that Wang's last outing in 2010 was ruled a no contest due to an eye poke.

After approximately five minutes, Wang decides he is good to go and referee Yuji Shimada restarts the bout.

Moreira takes the center of the cage, looking for the clinch and knees. An awkward rhythm to the standup, Moreira leaving his lengthy hands extended after throwing punches. Wang gets an eye poke again but this time the bout doesn't pause. Moreira turns on the flash, looking for a spinning elbow and downward elbows against the cage. Moreira's reach is giving Wang trouble but aside from the eye poke, he doesn't seem to be causing much damage.

Round 2:
Wang is game, staying in the pocket against the much taller Moreira. Moreira looks for a high kick and Wang steps under it, taking the bout to the ground. They stand quickly and Moreira clinches again to throw his superb elbows. A right elbow devastates Wang, cuts him and sends him into the turtle position on the canvas. Moreira delivers undefended skyscraper knees to the body, appealing to Yuji Shimada to stop the bout. Wang doing nothing to defend himself. Some more knees and Shimada finally stops the fight. Both fighters look at Shimada in amazement – an awfully late stoppage.

Winner: Zorobabel Moreira via TKO (Knees) - Round 2, 1.49

Eddie Ng vs. Yuan Chun Bo
Round 1:
Ng, clearly more muscled, starts quickly with a beautiful shot to get the bout to the canvas immediately. Bo, a sanda stylist, responds with a very slick armbar attempt, seemingly close to getting the finish. Ng is good enough to pull his way out and he delivers a punch from guard that knocks Bo out. Subsequent punches from Ng wake Bo up enough for him to protest the fair stoppage by Matt Hume.

Winner: Eddie Ng via KO (Punches) - Round 1, 0.45

Radeem Rahman vs. Susovan Ghosh
Round 1: A straight left catches Indian karate stylist Ghosh as he moves backwards, causing him to fall to the canvas. Hometown favorite Rahman pouncing in and pours on the pain. Ghosh attempts to recover with a takedown against the cage but has absolutely to offer here. They stand and Rahman lands crisp punches while Ghosh swings wildly. Ghosh falls again to the canvas and Rahman takes mount where he lands punches until referee Matt Hume calls a stop to the bout.

A brutal one-sided beating.

Winner: Radeem Rahman via TKO (Punches) – Round 1, 3.18

Vuyisile Colossa vs. Ma Xing Yu
Round 1:
Colossa, who came in 5.5 pounds heavier than his opponent, has a clear power advantage as he blasts Yu's head back with a jab only seconds in. Colossa lands a hard knee and looks for the knockout with elbows while Yu scrambles to survive. Colossa steps back and lands a short left hook that sends Yu to the canvas and so referee Matt Hume stops the bout. One sided beating.

Post fight, Colossa appeals for a title shot. Amusing, considering that there are no titles in ONE FC yet.

Winner: Vuyisile Colossa via TKO (Punch) – Round 1, 0.49

Daniel Mashamaite vs. Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai
Round 1: Yodsanan, a former WBA boxing champ, puts out his hand to touch gloves only to pull it back and try to catch Mashamaite off guard with a dirty hook. Mashamaite clinches and gets the takedown but sits back for a sloppy leg lock. Yodsanan easily avoids it and gets into Masamaite's guard where he looks to throw some punches before standing and throwing kicks to the legs.

Mashamaite shoots a double from halfway across the cage, Yodsanan easily avoids it and delivers a hard knee as punishment. Yodsanan obviously superior on the feet is relaxed, stalking his opponent around the cage. A right hand rip to the body from the southpaw Thai hurts Mashamaite and has him leaning aginast the cage. Yodsanan continues to take his time, stalking his opponent as the round ends.

Round 2: Yodsanan comes out with a pawing jab and Mashamaite responds by bending over for a weak takedown attempt. Yodsanan has clinches and throws a knee that seems to miss his opponent. Mashamaite freezes up for a second and then falls back, referee Yuji Shimada stopping the bout. The replay seems to confirm that the knee missed although commentary claiming that the blow hit Mashamaite's nose. Strange happenings indeed.

Winner: Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai via TKO (Knee) – Round 2, 0:14.

Soo Chul Kim vs. Leandro Issa
Round 1:
Issa opens up with an inside low kick, Kim responding with a superman punch, only to be caught with another low kick – directly to the groin.

Referee Yuji Shimada stops the bout to give Kim a chance to recover.

Bout restarts after minute, Issa fires out a left jab, catching Kim in the eye. A high kick misses for the Brazilian and Kim looks to clinch. With no action in the clinch the pair break and Issa is picking Kim apart early on the feet. Hard jabs knock Kim's head back and a front kick knocks the Korean to the canvas. The fighters clinch again and Issa, a world champion BJJ practitioner, secures a takedown and quickly moves into side control. Kim seems to have a lack of escape options off his back and finds himself eating knees and elbows.

Kim makes his way back to his feet and he starts to get his striking game going, firing in lowkicks. Issa not reacting well to the kicks and again looks for the takedown. With only seconds left, Issa rains in elbows from side control. The bell sounds as Kim gets back to his feet.

Round 2:
The second round starts and Issa again looks better with his hands and Kim looking sharper with his kicks. Kim leaps in with a flying knee attempt, not landing. Kim is light on his feet, circling back from Issa. A hard right hand smacks Issa across the face. Issa seemingly getting frustrated with Kim circling away. Issa lands a kick to the body which backs Kim up. Issa gets the takedown off the cage and easily moves into mount, Kim scrambling to get gives up his back before recovering to half guard. Issa looking for the finish with punches but is far from it. The bell brings an end to round two.

Round 3: Final round and Issa throws a heavy kick to the body but is countered with a stiff fist to the face. Kim gets poked in the eye again and appeals to the referee for a minute to clear his vision.

Fight restarts and Kim has a mouse under his eye. Kim comes in with a one-two and knee to the face, one of the few combinations thrown in the bout. Another leg kick lands for Kim. Issa misses with a sloppy takedown attempt but is able to recover and his second shot gets the bout to the canvas. Issa gets Korean's back and wails away with punches but Kim is good enough to stand.

Kim rushes in with strikes and Issa flops to his back, getting Kim into his guard where he looks for a guillotine and kimura before getting the sweep into mount. After only a second, Kim rolls back into guard where he stands to throw kicks to the legs. Kim needs to finish here but makes a mistake and jumps into Issa's guard where he is tied up for the rest of the bout.

We go to the judges – note that ONE FC scores the bout as a whole, not by round. MMA Fighting scores the bout for Issa.

Winner: Leandro Issa via Unanimous Decision

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