Former Boxing Champ Jeff Lacy Confirms Interest in Fighting Nick Diaz

Over the last week, Nick Diaz has spoken extensively about the possibility of a big boxing payday. First, he called out two-time light-middleweight champ Fernando Vargas, but that fight seems unlikely to happen due to Vargas' medical issues.

Diaz's camp then called out former super middleweight champ Jeff Lacy. According to Lacy's team, it's a fight he's more than willing to take. On Monday, Lacy's management group confirmed his interest in facing the Strikeforce welterweight champ in a boxing match.

"Nick has accomplished a great deal in mixed martial arts and is certainly one of the best in the sport," Lacy said in a statement. "But getting in the ring with me for a boxing match is a path he needs to be very wary of taking. I'm willing to put it all on the line anytime, anywhere."

The 33-year-old Lacy would certainly be a credible opponent. He has a career mark of 25-4 with 1 no contest, competed for the U.S. during the 2000 Olympics, and has fought major names including Roy Jones, Jr., Jermain Taylor and Joe Calzaghe during his 10-year pro run. Seventeen of his wins have come by way of knockout. Lacy, though, has lost two straight fights, including an upset loss to unheralded Dhafir Smith in his last bout, just last December.

Though Diaz is best known for his handiwork in MMA cages with a career mark of 25-7, 1 no contest, he has boxed once professionally, winning his only match by unanimous decision back in April 2005. Despite winning 10 in a row, Diaz has voiced growing frustration about his MMA career.

During a recent interview on "Inside MMA," Diaz and his team voiced both that frustration along with a continued interest in boxing.

"I don't know," Diaz said. "I don't see much of a future in this sport for me, I honestly don't. Especially if there's not a whole s---load of money going on."

Lacy's manager Joey Gilbert -- himself a pro boxer -- was very complimentary of Diaz's skills, saying "his comfort level in the pocket and under fire is comparable to any seasoned boxing champion's" and adding that he believes Diaz has the best hands in MMA.

That said, Lacy's team has no doubt Diaz is in over his head if he does take the plunge against a high-caliber opponent.

"For the right price, I'm more than interested in heading to his turf and putting my fist in his mouth and silencing him," Lacy said.

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