WEC 51 Live Blog: Leonard Garcia vs. Mark Hominick Updates

This is the WEC 51 live blog for Leonard Garcia vs. Mark Hominick, a featherweight bout on tonight's Versus card from the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colo.

Garcia (14-5-1) is a slugger coming off a controversial win over Chan Sung Jung at WEC 48 in April. Hominick (18-8) is on a three-fight win streak, two of which were finishes in the WEC.

The live blog is below.

Round 1:
Garcia pumps out a jab and a high kick that's blocked. Hominick stalks Garcia and throws out jabs while blocking Garcia's single strikes. Garcia begins to throw combos a minute in. Hominick lands a punch to the body. Another head kick is blocked by Hominick. Hominick is the one chasing Garcia, but it's Garcia the one throwing the most strikes. Garcia lands a leg kick and stumbles. Hominick stings Garcia with a jab, leaving a smile on Garcia's face. Hominick's jab is working for him. Garcia throwing with power and Hominick sees them coming. Garcia lands a jab. Hominick lands a counter jab and hits another jab coming forward. Round one ends with Garcia connecting on a leg kick.

10-9 for Hominick in a close round.

Round 2: Garcia comes out firing bombs but Hominick avoids. Hominick striking conservatively but he's having a better hit ration. A counter punch from Hominick lands. Hominick lands a jab. Blood is spilling out near Hominick's left eye. Hominick lands a straight right. Hominick's jab working effectively for him. Garcia lands a heavy leg kick. Garcia breathing heavier. Hominick lands a nice right followed by a jab. A leg kick by Hominick is checked. Hominick shoots out a left hook. Garcia bleeding on his nose. Hominick with a straight right. And a jab. Hominick lands a left hook. Garcia lands a right hand, probably his best shot of the night.

10-9 for Hominick.

Round 3: Garcia lands a leg kick. He charges forward with left and rights but Hominick defends. Hominick lands a jab. Garcia swinging away. Garcia slips. Hominick lands more jabs. Hominick isn't throwing much in terms of combos, but he's finding a home for his single jabs. Garcia's fatigue is even more apparent as Hominick turns up the pace with fast jabs. Hominick paced himself the entire fight so he still looks fresh. Hominick with a right cross. Garcia goes for a takedown and is stopped. Garcia throws heavy and gets countered by a left hook that collapses him briefly. Hominick just outclassing Garcia now. Knowing he's down, Garcia is slugging away, but Hominick jabbing him at will.

10-9 for Hominick.

MMAFighting.com scores the round 30-27 for Hominick.

29-28 for Hominick. 29-28 for Garcia ... what? 29-28 for Hominick.

I have no idea how Garcia could have won two rounds. I won't argue that he won round one cause I thought it was close, but Hominick clearly won two and three. Good thing the other two judges scored it correctly as it would have been a huge disaster if Garcia got a gift decision for a second straight fight.

Hominick wins by split decision
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