Shark Fights 13 Preview and Predictions

It's not often you see a smaller organization put together a card with so many recognizable names, but Shark Fights has loaded them up for tonight's Shark Fights 13 event in Amarillo, Texas. The lineup has plenty of names even the casual MMA fan will recognize from TV, like Keith Jardine, Houston Alexander, and Paul Daley. But it's also got interesting prospects like Tarec Saffiedine and a hard-as-nails vet in Joey Villasenor.

In short, it's not a bad night of action for what is otherwise an off weekend in MMA. Check below for a full preview and predictions for the pay-per-view card.

What: Shark Fights 13

Where: Amarillo Civic Center, Amarillo, Texas

When: Pay-per-view card begins at 10 pm ET on Saturday, September 11.

Keith Jardine vs. Trevor Prangley
Prangley is a little out of his comfort zone, fighting a big light heavyweight like Jardine, but you can see why he didn't feel he was in a position to turn this fight down. Both guys are coming off losses, but Jardine's was by far the more competitive of the two. You look at his record lately and it might seem like "The Dean of Mean" is on the verge of becoming "The Janitor of Washed-Up University," but that's an illusion. He's faced all quality fighters, and he can still put his awkward style to good use against most guys in this division.
Pick: Jardine

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Houston Alexander
Whoever booked this fight is either a knockout enthusiast or just a fight fan with a very short attention span. Both these guys are known for being explosive in very short bursts, but they both get far less dangerous as the fight wears on or goes to the mat. They can both be knocked out, and they can both throw big leather. At least, in the opening minutes. It might come down to who can put together something resembling a smart strategy, and who'll still be a threat after the fight passes the two-minute mark.
Pick: Sokoudjou

Paul Daley vs. Jorge Masvidal
For those that don't know Masvidal for anything other than the victim of Toby Imada's triangle choke, let me save you some internet research and tell you that he's one tough dude. The question is, can he stand up to Daley's power? Masvidal's not a submissions specialist, but if he stands toe-to-toe with Daley and trades blows he's probably going to sleep. He needs to find another way to win, though it's unclear what that might be.
Pick: Daley

Joey Villasenor vs. Danillo Villefort
Villasenor is one of those fighters who has never won the bout that might propel him to the next level, but he's also never represented an easy night's work for anyone. He went three tough rounds with "Jacare" Souza back in May, and in his 34-fight career he has some impressive names on his record. Villefort isn't quite as experienced and he hasn't faced as much top competition, but he is an aggressive fighter who knows how to finish. Villasenor, however, hasn't been finished in three years.
Pick: Villasenor

Brock Larson vs. Tarec Saffiedine
It's a fight that's flying under the radar right now, but this is probably the most competitive and compelling fight on the entire card. Saffiedine just got done starching Nate Moore with a brain-scrambling knockout at Strikeforce: Challengers, and Larson is on a three-fight tear since being released from the UFC -- and none of those bouts required him to go out of the first round. Saffiedine certainly has the edge on the feet, but Larson has the grappling chops to make it difficult for him to stay there, which is probably why he's the slight betting favorite at the moment.
Pick: Saffiedine

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