Bellator 25 Undercard Live Blog: Carter vs. Taylor, Gassaway vs. Knabjian, More

CHICAGO -- This is the Bellator 25 live blog for all the local bouts on tonight's season three Bellator card from the Chicago Theatre.

First prelim is Keoki Cypriano vs. Eric Kriegermeier. Kevin Knabjian vs. Brian Gassaway and Shonie Carter vs. Torrance Taylor will take place after the televised fights. John Kolosci vs. Kenny Robertson was scheduled for the undercard but will take place after the main card as well.

The live blog is below.

Keoki Cypriano (3-2) vs. Eric Kriegermeier (1-1)

Round 1: Both lightweights are based out of Chicago. Boxing instructor Larry Garstki is in Kriegermeier's corner. Jiu-jitsu instructor Jeff Neal is one of Cypriano's cornermen. Cypriano comes forward with jabs and Kriegermeier clinches briefly. Cypriano throws a quick and Kriegermeier quickly moves around to Cypriano's back and drags him down for the takedown. Kriegermeier works for the rear-naked choke and the lights briefly flicker off. Cypriano escapes, turning into Kriegermeier's guard and unleashes fast and hard punches. Kriegermeier looks to control Cypriano's right arms and also neck control but he's absorbing a number of punches. Cypriano stands up and enters -- right into a triangle choke. It's over. Mental lapse costs Cypriano the fight.

Kriegermeier wins by triangle choke submission - Round 1, 3:16

These three fights took place after the televised card.

John Kolosci (14-6) vs. Kenny Robertson (9-0)

Round 1: Kolosci with a knee. Robertson dives for a takedown and Kolosci defends. Kolosci with knees to the body in clinch. Robertson lands a beautiful takedown and quickly advances to side control. Kolosci gives up his back and Robertson latches on a body triangle while softening Kolosci with punches. Robertson works for the rear-naked. Kolosci turns into full mount and escapes to half guard. Robertson looks to pass but the fence could be in his way. Robertson drives Kolosci against the fence. Kolosci recomposes guard but Robertson continues to charge and gets Kolosci's back again. Robertson switches to an armbar. Kolosci escapes and he's the one looking for a takedown. Robertson looked like might have considered a piledriver but he stops himself and the round ends with Robertson holding Kolosci in a front headlock. scores the round 10-9 for Robertson.

Round 2: Robertson shoots and quickly puts Kolosci down into halfguard. Robertson with elbows the the back. Kolosci scrambles to his feet but he's stuck in a headlock and tasting knees to the head. Robertson pounds away and drives Kolosci to his butt. Robertson throws on a keylock and Kolosci verbally submits.

Kenny Robertson def. John Kolosci via submission (keylock) - Round 2, 2:41

Brian Gassaway (24-19-1) vs. Kevin Knabjian (9-4-1)

Round 1: Knabjian with a nice takedown. Knabjian drives Gassaway against the fence and rains down rights. Knabjian advances to side mount. Knabjian lands with left hammerfists. Gassaway escapes to halfguard and eventually recomposes guard. Knabjian with big right hands and they are bothering Gassaway. Knabjian advances to side control. Knabjian looks for the crucifix but Gassway sees it coming and sweeps Knabjian. Gassaway has side control and works short elbows. Gassaway takes full mount and pours down left and rights. Knabjian gives up his back and Gassaway continues throwing rights. Gassaway attempts a rear-naked choke and Knabjian gives up mount to survive. Gassway with more ground and pound. Once he capitalized on the sweep Gassaway ran away with the round. scores the round 10-9 for Gassaway.

Round 2: Knabjian throws a couple of huge overhand rights that miss. Knabjian starting to work punch combos.Knabjian is the aggressor. Knabjian shoots from far and gets the takedown. Knabjian works ground and pound but Gassaway is doing a solid job on the defensive end. Referee standup. Gassaway unloads and Knabjian attempts the takedown. On his way down Gassaway grabs an armbar, but he doesn't have enough time as Knabjian holds on. scores the round 10-9 for Knabjian.

Round 3:
Gassway with a straight jab backs Knabjian. Gassaway defends a takedown attempt. Gassaway throws a head kick. Gassaway moves forward with punches and Knabjian clinches up to work for the takedown. Gassaway stops it. Gassaway with a right. Gassaway's winning the standup aspect in round three. Gassaway lands a nice counter left hook. Gassaway with a straight right, and another. Gassaway scores lightly to the body. Gassaway lands solid to the body. Gassaway working hard in the final round while Knabjian has considerably slowed. scores the round 10-9 for Gassaway and the fight 29-28 for Gassaway.

All three judges agree, scoring it 29-28 for Gassaway.

Brian Gassaway def. Kevin Knabjian via unanimous decision

Local Main Event - Shonie Carter (48-20-7) vs. Torrance Taylor (8-7-1)

Carter walks out with what seemed like a never ending line of girls. The last girl brings out two torches and swallows fire. I am not kidding you. Carter gets the loudest applause of the evening.

Round 1: Taylor with a front kick. Carter responds with two lefts kicks and a right. Carter with side kicks and goes back to a leg kick. Taylor looks like he lands a Superman punch. Carter takes Taylor down. Taylor is able hip out and stand up. Carter keeps control of Taylor's back. Taylor slides out. "Shonie" chants, which I believe were started by the girls. Carter throws a spinning backfist. It's blocked. Taylor with an axe kick that misses and moves in with punches. Carter avoids them. More "Shonie" chants. I guess that's at least one perk when you bring 20 girls to the cage with you. Taylor works knees to the body in clinch. Taylor scores the takedown right at the sound of the bell. Taylor may have stolen the round with that final takedown. scores the round 10-9 for Carter.

Round 2: Carter tries the takedown but Taylor maintains position upon falling. They're back up in clinch and Taylor scores the takedown. Taylor has brief side control and he takes Carter's back, standing. Carter takes down Taylor. Taylor sweeps and they are back to their feet. Carter lands a side kick. Taylor throws a back kick of his own that awkwardly glances Carter's head. They trade inside leg kicks. Carter with a body kick. Taylor lands an uppercut. Carter ducks a huge head kick. Taylor turning it up and Carter is forced to shoot. Taylor stops it and again has control of Carter's back, standing. scores the round 10-9 for Taylor.

Round 3: Taylor is aggressive to start. Carter looks tired. Carter just turned around, fell to his knees and complained about something. The fight is restarted. Taylor forces Carter down and scores points with ground and pound. Taylor lands short elbows. Carter with no answers at this point. Taylor turns up his punches and Carter kicks off the cage to stop Taylor's punches. Taylor tries another flurry of punches inside carter's halfguard. Carter gives up his back and Taylor attempts a rear-naked choke with about 20 seconds left. Taylor finishes with punches to end the round. scores the round 10-9 for Taylor and the fight 29-28 for Taylor.

One judge scores it 30-26 for Taylor and the other two 30-27 for Taylor.

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