Bellator 25 Live Blog: Zoila Frausto vs. Jessica Pene Updates

CHICAGO -- This is the Bellator 25 live blog for Zoila Frausto vs. Jessica Pene, a women's 115-pound tournament bout on tonight's season three Bellator card from the Chicago Theatre.

Frausto (7-1) is a two-time Strikeforce Challengers competitor and is coming off a victorious Bellator debut in June where she scored a first-round knockout over Rosi Sexton with a knee followed by punches. Pene (7-0) has fought once prior for Bellator, stopping Tammie Schneider with punches at Bellator 5 in May 2009.

The live blog is below.

Frausto and Pene are both from California but both receive warm reception from the crowd. Attendance here looks about half full.

Round 1: Frausto active on her feet while Pene is calm. Frausto sets up a nice combo, connecting with an inside leg kick and a right hand. They clinch and Pene takes an overhook and scores with knees to the body. Frausto looks for a trip but misses. Pene briefly gets double unders and they go back to pummeling. Frausto powers her way off the fence and turns Pene against the fence. Pene separates and the crowd cheers. Frausto lands a nice leg kick. Pene throws a punch to set up the takedown, but it's not close. Their legs collide on leg kicks. Pene shoots in and almost gets hit on the way in. They are back in clinch. Frausto separates and swings a huge overhand that misses. Frausto with kicks. Frausto is supplying basically all the standup strikes in this fight. Pene throws an overhand to set up a takedown. Pene bails on the takedown, pulls guard and attempts a leg lock. Frausto quickly disengages to allow the fight back on the feet. scores the first round 10-9 for Frausto.

Round 2: No touch of gloves. Frausto comes forward with punches that miss. She lands another nice leg kick. Frausto lands a left. Pene connects with a body kick. Frausto comes in and eats left hook. Frausto throws a straight left that looks like it glances the top of Pene's head as she attempted a takedown. Pene comes in for a takedown and ends up in clinch with her back against the fence. Pene turns Frausto and they switch positions again. Frausto separates and throws a right and a left. Pene comes in for another takedown attempt and they are back in clinch.They separate. Pene punches int and Frausto goes back to work tied up with Pene against the cage. Pene pulls guard and Frausto sits in halfguard delivering punches.

Pene looked better standing in this round, but not sure why she's waiting late in the rounds to pull guard. scores the second round 10-9 for Frausto.

Round 3: Frausto pumps out jabs and she lands a leg kick. Pene kicks, but her kicks are nowhere as devastating as Frausto's. Pene punches in but Frausto reverses Pene. Pene looks to finish the takedown on her knees but is forced to get back up and into clinch. They separate and Pene is stalking Frausto, though Frausto is the one active on her feet moving side to side. Frausto blocks a high kick. Dueling chants in the crowd. Pene delivers knees to the body in clinch before she gets reversed. Frausto obviously the more stronger fighter here. Frausto digs knees to the thigh. Pene responds. Pene looks to hip toss but Frausto defends. Frausto kicks to the body and Pene charges in, but Frausto backs up. Pene's kick is blocked. Pene digs for a double-leg but Frausto is fully capable in her takedown defense. Frausto almost tosses Pene on the ground. scores the round 10-9 for Frausto and the fight 30-27 for Frausto.

All three judges score the fight 30-27 for Frausto, who advances to the semifinals.

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