Bellator 25 Live Blog: Damian Grabowski vs. Scott Barrett Updates

CHICAGO -- This is the Bellator 25 live blog for Damian Grabowski vs. Scott Barrett, a heavyweight tournament bout on tonight's season three Bellator card from the Chicago Theatre.

Grabowski is a Polish heavyweight making his U.S. debut. At Bellator 19, Barrett knocked out Ty Lee in the first round.

The live blog is below.

Chicago has a strong Polish population and the crowd is firmly in support of Grabowski. Todd Duffee is in the corner of Barrett, who gets boo'd.

Round 1: Grabowski opens with a leg kick. They quickly enter clinch. The tangle in clinch and an accidental low blow to Barrett pauses the fight. Grabowski lands nice shots to the body and head, and Barrett pushes for a takedown. He gets it and Grabowski considers the guillotine but gives it up shortly. Barrett works from Grabowski's halfguard. Grabowski is eventually able to sweep Barrett. Not the prettiest sweep, but it effectively put inside of Barrett's guard. Barrett tries to stand and switches to a single-leg -- and finishes. Barrett back inside Grabowski's closed guard. Barrett tries the ground and pound. Grabowski eventually gets back to his feet. He throws a kick before Barrett goes back to work for a takedown. Round one ends in clinch. scores the round 10-9 for Barrett.

Round 2: Barrett shoots for the takedown, picks Grabowski up high and puts him on his back. Grabowski comes into this fight with 12 finishes but he's getting completely outwrestled here. Barrett looks to advance and he gets inside the halfguard of Grabowski. Grabowski scoring points off his back with punches and hammerfists. Grabowski gives up his back and gets flattened. Barrett unleashes left and rights. Grabowski manages to sweep him and the crowd erupts. Not the most exciting fight in the world, but the crowd it keeping it interesting. Grabowski with lefts as Barrett struggles to escape. Barrett probably did enough to win himself the round, but he's the one looking tired as he makes his way to the corner. Meanwhile, Grabowski yells in excitement. scores the round 10-9 for Barrett.

Round 3: Grabowski with a leg kick and Barrett looks winded. Grabowski cautious of Barrett's takedown attempts. Barrett moves into clinch. Grabowski with knees and separates with punches to body and head. Barrett throws a right hand and just walks over with his hands down for clinch. Grabowski lands cleanly with left, right left. Grabowski with left and rights. Barrett looks exhausted. Grabowski landing and Barrett is so tired he can barely keep his hands up to protect himself. Grabowski shoots and is stuffed. Barrett lands a right. Grabowski lands a knee to the body. Barrett with rights and clinches. They dirty box with Barrett shooting uppercuts and Grabowski throwing a knee. Grabowski throws a head kick and it lands. Barrett charges for the takedown and gets it. Best round of the fight even though Barrett was essentially a walking punching bag. scores the round 10-9 for Grabowski and the fight 29-28 for Barrett.

Let's see how the judges score it ...

Grabowski wins by unanimous decision 30-27. Wow. I'll need to rewatch this on television.

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