Strikeforce Live Blog: Joe Riggs vs. Louis Taylor Updates

This is the Strikeforce live blog for Joe Riggs vs. Louis Taylor, the main event of tonight's Strikeforce Challengers 10 card from the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Ariz.

Riggs returns after an eight-month absence to fight in front of his hometown fans.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: They feel each other out. Taylor teases the takedown. The crowd chants Riggs' nickname, "Diesel." Taylor lands to the body with a kick. Riggs misses a kick to the head. Taylor chops at Riggs' leg and Riggs steps away. Taylor throws a kick and Riggs attempts the takedown. Taylor defends and returns the favor with a takedown attempt. Taylor clinches with Riggs' back against the cage. Taylor reaches for the crotch and takes Riggs down. Riggs with wrist control in closed guard. Taylor stands back to his feet and waits for Riggs to get back up. Riggs misses a Superman punch and also misses a leg kick. Taylor throws a leg kick and Riggs counters by landing a straight left. Taylor fires a right that Riggs blocks and responds with a big hook that misses. Riggs comes forward with a left and Taylor steps off. Taylor throws a spinning back elbow. They tieup and Riggs lands knees. scores the first round a draw.

Round 2: Taylor aims for Riggs' body. Riggs lands a leg kick. Riggs lands with a Superman punch. Taylor with a left and a right but both blocked. Taylor looks a little winded and his hands are low. Taylor lands a punch to the body. Taylor shoots and is stuffed. Taylor unloads with heavy punches but Riggs dodges and they battle in clinch. Taylor lowers levels. Taylor separates and lands with punches. Taylor scores a takedown with 91 seconds left. Taylor with elbows and punches to the body while inside of Riggs' halfguard. Nothing too damaging but Taylor might have done enough on top to steal the round. scores the round 10-9 for Taylor.

Round 3: More sizing each other up. Taylor lands a side kick to the body. Riggs lands a left and Taylor gets dazed. Taylor backs off a touches his eye. Taylor goes for a takedown but Riggs forces Taylor down and drops lefts from Taylor's halfguard. Riggs gets the crucifix and pounds away. Taylor taps Riggs' thigh to end the onslaught.

Riggs wins by submission (punches) - Round 3, 2:07

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