Paul Daley Accepts 30-Day Suspension, Mulls Future Plans

For his actions following a UFC 113 loss in which he punched opponent Josh Koscheck well after the final bell, Paul Daley has been handed a 30-day suspension from the Governing Body of Alcohol Races and Games of Quebec, which oversaw the May 8 event.

Daley and his manager Wad Alameddine were not present at the decision, but accept the punishment, which will not affect his recently announced Sept. 11 Shark Fights bout with Jorge Masvidal.

"Whatever the commission decides is fair," Alameddine told MMA Fighting. "It is fair in my eyes. It's their job to look at these things and analyze the situation and the scenario. Paul and I would have accepted whatever decision the athletic commission came to."

Daley's actions took place just moments after the conclusion of his bout with Koscheck, which was the co-main event of the evening and was being contested for big stakes, with the winner securing a coaching slot in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, followed by a title match against current divisional champion Georges St. Pierre.

Both fighters traded extensive trash talk in the leadup to the fight, but during the bout, Koscheck took Daley down four times in five tries and had the British striker on his back for over 12 minutes of the 15 minute bout. After the closing bell rang, as Koscheck walked away, Daley (24-9-2) quickly approached him and landed a left hook that knocked Koscheck off-balance against the fence as referee Dan Miragliotta quickly moved in to ensure that it would not escalate further.

UFC president Dana White responded rapidly, cutting Daley from the promotion before the end of the night. Since then, Daley has been waiting to hear his punishment.

"Given we've been waiting on the decision for three months already, it's effectively a four-month suspension since his last fight in the UFC so we've avoided competing in the US for this period of time," Alameddine said.

Daley, though, has taken his talents overseas since then, defeating Daniel Acacio in a July Impact FC card in Australia.

With the suspension no longer hanging over his head, Daley is free to chart out a course for his career. According to Alameddine, his deal with Shark Fights is a single fight agreement, and he's been rumored to have talks with other promotions including Strikeforce and Bellator, though nothing has yet to be made official. Alameddine says he's had massive interest in the fighter, who prior to the Koscheck loss vaulted himself into the welterweight rankings with highlight-reel knockouts of Martin Kampmann and Dustin Hazelett.

"Beyond that, we feel Paul's home is fighting in the US as the fans are very supportive of him and his uniqueness and exciting style," Alameddine said. " We're keen for him to continue fighting around the world alongside this though, so we're keen to keep bringing 'Semtex' to all the fans around the globe."

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