Full Cast Announced for TUF 12

Spike TV has announced the cast for this upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter 12, which premieres Sept. 15 on the cable channel.

28 lightweights will compete in a tournament to determine one winner of a six-figure UFC contract. The coaches this season are UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and No. 1 contender Josh Koscheck.

The list is below in alphabetical order.

Joseph "JJ" Ambrose, 23, trains out of AKA in San Jose, Calif.

Paul Barrow, a 24-year-old out of Gracie Tampa in Florida with a record of 3-0.

Jason Brenton, a 23-year-old out of Grand Junction, Colo. with a record of 6-0.

Jonathan Brookins, a 24-year-old out of Orlando, Fla. with a record 11-3.

Mike Budnik, 35, is a WEC veteran from Tulsa, Okla. with a record of 8-4.
-- Budnik started his career with six wins on regional shows to earn himself a spot at WEC 35. Budnik won by submission in his WEC debut, but would lose his next three before being released by the company.

Alex Caceres, a 21-year-old from Miami, Fla. with a record of 5-2.
-- Expect lots of TV time for Caceres, who calls himself "Bruce Leeroy" and walks out wearing the Bruce Lee "Game of Death" yellow jumpsuit. While nowhere as wild as Jamie Yager's, Caceres is the afro-wearer this season.

Sako Chivitchian, a 26-year-old Armenian out of Los Angeles with a record of 5-0.
-- Chivitchian is a judo guy who will be compared to training partners Karo Parisyan and Manny Gamburyan. His cousin is the respected Gokor Chivichyan. Chivitchian also trains with Gegard Mousasi when Mousasi is in the U.S. for fight preparations.

Joseph Duffy, a 22-year-old out of South Wales with a record of 6-0.

Pablo Garza, a 26-year-old out of Grand Forks, N.D. with a record of 8-0.

Toby Grear of Shawnee, Ohio with a record of 7-4-1.

Dan Head, a 23-year-old out training out of Indiana BJJ Academy with a record of 8-2.

Michael Johnson, a 24-year-old from MIssouri with a record of 8-4.

Amir Khillah, a 30-year-old out of Kalamazoo, Mich. with a record of 6-4.
Third time's the charm and Khillah finally makes it on TV. He tried out twice previously for The Ultimate Fighter, but failed to get selected.

Jeff Lentz, a 21-year-old from New Jersey with a 6-1 record.

Andrew Main, a 21-year-old out of Rockaway, N.J. with a record of 4-1.

Sevak Magakian, a 24-year-old from Glendale, Calif. with a record of 8-3.

Steve Magdaleno, a 28-year-old out of Florence, Calif. with a record of 6-2.

Cody McKenzie, a 22-year-old Alaskan with an 11-0 record.

TJ O'Brien, a 23-year-old from Prole, Iowa with a 14-3 record.

Spencer Paige, a 24-year-old with a 7-2 record.

Nam Phan, a 27-year-old Vietnamese American out of Garden Grove, Calif. with 16-7 record.
-- Phan has the experience advantage but we'll have to see how he handles the larger cast members. Phan is 5-foot-6 and is more suited for featherweight. Phan has fought twice for Sengoku, twice for Strikeforce and competed on the K-1 Dynamite!! USA card.

Mike Richman is a former marine with an undefeated record of 8-0.

Ariel Sexton of San Jose, Costa Rica holds a record of 6-2.

Marc Stevens a 25-year-old out of Marine, N.Y. with a 12-5 record.

Kyle Watson, 30, is a head jiu-jitsu instructor at Matt Hughes' H.I.T. Squad gym.

Ran Wathers, a 28-year-old out of Atlanta, Ga. is 14-6.

Aaron Wilkinson of Manchester, England trains out of the Wolfslair Academy and holds a 6-3 record.

Dane Sayers of Fargo, N.D. with a 7-1 record.

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