Moosin Hopes to Promote Next U.S. Show in November

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Fresh off its U.S. debut at the DCU Center before 6,500 fans, the Moosin promotion has its sights set on a November date for a follow-up, co-promoter Eric "Butterbean" Esch told MMA Fighting.

"We have three locations in mind right now," he said. "We're looking both here and overseas. I think our November show will be in the U.S. We really don't know for sure though. We're looking in a lot of different places."

Butterbean met Moosin's Korean financial backer around two years ago when he traveled there to fight on a card, and they eventually teamed up to form an American side of the promotion.

Last night's show was the first U.S. offering for the new partnership, but Butterbean says the organization has big dreams that go well past the Atlantic and Pacific.

"We're going global with this," he said. "If you notice, we have more countries and languages than the UFC ever thought of. I just mention them because they're the show everyone gets compared to. We're not out here to take over the UFC, but this is too big of a sport for one person to hold everything down. We're going to do it global, with fighters from all over the world."

He said that they would woo fighters with their professional treatment behind the scenes. Tim Sylvia, who defeated Mariusz Pudzianowski in the main event, offered up his kudos for Moosin's smooth operation.

"I've fought for lot of organizations, and their backstage was run very well," he said. "They did a great job catering to the fighters. They were phenomenal with everything. From food and water in the locker room to the way they treated us, they did a great job."

"We want to treat them like kings," Butterbean added. "We want to show them how happy we are to have them."

Butterbean said that the promotion has options built into the fighter's contracts to bring both Sylvia and Pudzianowski back and hope to do so, though he did say their deals are non-exclusive.

"We're going to treat them so good that they're not going to want to fight anywhere else," he said. "I think tonight's card was a home run. There was not a bad fight on the card and I think everyone went home happy and entertained. That's what we want to keep doing."

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