Josh Bryant: Kyacey Uscola's Disqualification Was Good Call

Josh Bryant

Ultimate Fighter 11 contestant Josh Bryant took some time out this week to discuss the latest episode of the UFC's reality show, which featured two fights, more friction in the house and the first victory by Team Ortiz.

Michael David Smith: Last week we talked about how you weren't getting any face time. Were you glad to get a little bit at the start of this week's episode?
Josh Bryant: I guess so, but it's also kind of weird seeing yourself on TV.

In the first fight we saw Rich Attonito get off to a good start against Kyacey Uscola, then briefly find himself on trouble on the ground, then end up winning by disqualification when Uscola hit him with an illegal knee. What did you think of that?
I thought Rich was winning both in the standup and on the ground. Uscola got a reversal but then he landed two knees to the head. Glancing off the shoulder or not, those knees obviously hurt him, so I thought the disqualification was a good call. I thought Rich was winning handily, laying a beating on him.

Were you an MMA fan during the Pride days? Do you think North American MMA should allow knees to the head on the ground like Japanese MMA?
I was a big Pride fan. I think it should be legal, and it wouldn't be like how that fight went down because you'd be able to defend it if you're aware of it. It would add a different aspect to the game.

After Attonito won, he found out he was done for the rest of the show because of a hand injury.
That was disappointing. He's a really good fighter and from a school with a good pedigree, so it's tough to see a good guy like him have to miss out on having a chance to win the whole thing. To have such a controversial fight and be done is disappointing, but I hope he gets another chance.

On the second fight, your team finally lost one when Jamie Yager knocked out Charles Blanchard.
That didn't go at all like I thought. Blanchard is from a great team like Rich and I thought it would go kind of like Rich's fight. To see it go like that was hard to see. I thought Charlie would be able to take him down, but Yager did a great job, so kudos to him.

It seems like the whole house is against Yager at this point, although you personally haven't had any run-ins with him.
Yeah, that's definitely how it was going. I definitely could see where everybody was coming from in getting sick of Yager's attitude. If he had talked to me like that I would have been upset with him too, although I didn't have any real problems with him. I pretty much got along with everybody.

(Editor's note: Check back next Thursday to catch up with Bryant after the fifth episode.)

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