Gegard Mousasi Impressionist King Mo to Showcase 'Cuban Style'

If you're keeping track, a new phrase has been coined in Muhammed Lawal's dictionary. The man referred to as "King Mo," coming out of "Team Thirsty" and fighting in the "moneyweight" division, will soon be debuting "Cuban style."

On Tuesday's Strikeforce: Nashville conference call, the undefeated showman revealed to reporters the secret weapon for his upcoming title fight against Gegard Mousasi.

"I got a new thang out there called a 'Cuban style,'" Lawal said. "You can ask Rashad Evans about it. You can ask anybody in my training camp about it. But the Cuban style is going to win. You know what I'm sayin'? And ya'll see Cuban style when it comes fight time. It's a new fad and it's put together pretty damn raw."

Lawal, who didn't actually train with any Cubans, remained mostly tight-lipped on what exactly the style is, but it'll contain elements from his favorite Cuban boxers, MMA fighters and judokas.

"I've studied film and they way I wrestled, kind of like a Cuban but more reserved," Lawal said. "I've been a fan of the Cubans, even Judo -- all the combat sports. I've studied them closely and seen what they do real well."

But don't look too closely into what Cuban style really is. It's all part of Lawal's individuality. Lawal shared with reporters a little insight into his quirks when he touched on the motive behind his trash-talking against Mousasi.

Lawal, who performed an imitation of Mousasi as Kermit the Frog on the call and egged on Mousasi to do his best King Mo impression (Mousasi declined), says it's all for his own enjoyment.

"It's just my personality, I'm having fun, man," Lawal said. "Don't look too deep to the whole thing. I'm having fun, man. Mousasi's having fun doing what he's doing, I'm having fun doing what I'm doing. It's not like I'm bashing his character or saying he's a bad guy. Mousasi, he's cool. He's a great champ, he's proven himself, but why can't I just have fun up until the fight?

"I'm having fun training. I'm having fun talking. I have fun fighting. It's all for fun," Lawal continued. "People make a big deal out of it. It's a sport and it's fun for me and (let us) do what we wanna do and then prove ourselves in the cage."

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