Shawn Tompkins Resigns from Xtreme Couture, Joins TapouT Training Center

Acclaimed kickboxing trainer Shawn Tompkins resigned Monday as head trainer of the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas and will move to the recently opened TapouT Research and Development Training Center, just under two miles away.

"The [Xtreme Couture] gym and the direction it's going and the direction I want to go are two different things," Tompkins said Tuesday to Fighters Only in the video above. "A few years back I set up goals for myself and I'm at a point right now where I want to follow through with those goals."

Tompkins points to his desire to bring back the Team Tompkins brand that had been deemphasized when he joined Xtreme Couture in August 2007.

"I really want to bring back the Team Tompkins ideals and the way we had our systems put together," Tompkins said. "A big part of what my training system was based on was the Bas Rutten mixed martial arts systems and everything he kind of guided me through in my career as a coach and working with great fighters.

"There's a lot of great options and opportunities that I'm going to have with this and the Team Tompkins name allows me to really be proud of it and make it mine."

The bigger story out of the Tompkins move could be which fighters new and old that will be following him. Vitor Belfort began training at Xtreme Couture last year and his camps have been headed by Tompkins. Also, Sherdog reported last month that Yoshihiro Akiyama is planning on coming to Vegas to train with Tompkins and Xtreme Couture.

Chris Horodecki, Sam Stout and Mark Hominick are three fighters especially close and have longtime ties to Tompkins that represent or had represented Xtreme Couture. The three founded the Adrenaline Training Center a year ago in London, Ontario, Canada as a "continuation of the world famous Team Tompkins originated by head trainer and founder Shawn Tompkins," the gym's official website states.

Tompkins said what stood out with the TapouT Training Center was the family-oriented atmosphere that was geared more towards learning, having fun and getting in shape rather than just a fighter's gym.

"We're going to blend our ideals on training fighters and working on future prospects together and build a great team," Tompkins said. "I'm very excited about it."

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