UFC 99: Big Heavyweight Fight for Cheick Kongo, Cain Velasquez

During our FanHouse UFC 99 live chat, the heavyweight co-main event between Cheick Kongo and Cain Velasquez was a major topic of discussion. Some excerpts below.

[Comment From steve] Will Kongo get a title shot if he wins?

Michael David Smith: He wants it, but I think he has to both beat Velasquez and win at least one more fight (maybe against Shane Carwin) before they'd give him a title shot.

Mike Chiappetta: I would say there is a decent chance of that. There are other fighters ahead of him rankings-wise, but Couture and Nogueira are both coming off losses and obviously one of them will get another loss when they fight in August. Anyways, I think Velasquez will beat Kongo and bring more chaos to the heavyweight division.

Michael David Smith: Either way, I'd like to see the Velasquez-Kongo winner get Shane Carwin next.

[Comment From rick] i agree and that winner vs lesnar or mir

Michael David Smith: I also think Junior dos Santos is someone we need to keep an eye on, but for some reason the UFC hasn't put him on TV since he knocked out Fabricio Werdum last year.

[Comment From rick] i think kongo wins by ko

Mike Chiappetta: Rick, Kongo has trouble with wrestlers. And Kongo has really only one major win on his resume: Cro Cop. I know Cain doesnt have a major win yet, but he's a much more complete fighter in my opinion.

Comment From Guest] does kongo really stand a chance against cain? i mean didn't he get taken down over and over again by assuerio silva and carmelo marrero?

Michael David Smith: Sure, Kongo stands a chance. He's by far the toughest opponent Velasquez has faced. We don't know how Velasquez will look against that level of fighter.

Mike Chiappetta: Cain is an absolute beast and I think he will show that against Kongo, who is a bit one-dimensional in my opinion. Kongo has a puncher's chance, but he's not known for huge one-shot power, and Cain has an excellent chin. Cain is also incredibly active for a heavyweight. He fights like a welterweight as far as his punch volume/output.

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