Pat Miletich on Drew McFedries Situation And Making Peace With Dana White

Following his impressive win over Xavier Foupa-Pokam at UFC 98, Drew McFedries was quick to thank Matt Hughes and the rest of the H.I.T Squad for helping him get prepared in the days leading up to the fight. He also added that he "didn't get a lot of support from actually my own team at MFS [Miletich Fighting Systems], which is sad. I mean, that's my hometown."

FanHouse recently spoke to the founder of MFS, Pat Miletich, about why McFedries said that to the media at the post-fight press conference.

"My entire team and myself were furious with Drew McFedries because we worked our ass off to get him ready for that fight," Miletich said. "Four different guys offered to go with him to that fight [and] he turned them all down. He went and took one of his buddies to the fight. Then, he not only thanked guys from another camp, which is fine, but it could have stopped there. But to say what he said about his teammates and his team for no logical reason was wrong. He needs to either apologize to his team and do an interview stating the true facts of what went on, or I think there's probably going to be some issues.

"I love Drew - I think he's a great guy. I think he's gone through some tough times in his life, which we all have. But at some point, he's going to have to talk to his teammates because everyone made it a point to get him ready for that fight. He got a lot of support for that. Guys were offering to go to that fight with him and he turned them all down and took one of his buddies with him who's got a little bit of MMA experience and said some bad things about his team; it didn't make sense. Drew said that he meant it differently ... But the words that came out of his mouth just didn't match the thought. That's about all I can say."

When asked if McFedries was welcome to train again at MFS, Miletich quickly responded, "That's something that I'm not going to discuss. I think he knows what he's got to do with his teammates to figure that out."

Miletich said that McFedries never gave him or his teammates a reason as to why he didn't want them to come to Las Vegas, and that made his post-fight comments all the more confusing to the MMA legend.

Meanwhile, Miletich is currently gearing up for this weekend's Strikeforce show in St. Louis. However, after calling the most recent two Strikeforce events on Showtime, Miletich will simply be a spectator this time around, as he will pass the microphone back over to Frank Shamrock for this upcoming card. The current plan is for Miletich to be a part of the three-man broadcast team for the "Strikeforce Challengers" events. The next one, headlined by Joey Villasenor vs. Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos, airs June 19.

But don't let Miletich's new television career fool you into thinking that his fighting career is over. On the contrary, Miletich said he is still looking to fight once or twice in 2009, possibly for Strikeforce.

"There was talk of [fighting Frank] Shamrock at one time, which I wouldn't mind fighting him," Miletich said. "He had a tough match against Diaz, so I don't know if that's still going on. And there's some other folks out there that we've been talking with in the boxing world."

"The Croatian Sensation" has always had an interest in trying his hand at boxing, and said that he has had discussions recently about making his "Sweet Science" debut in the 168-pound weight class.

As for his feud with UFC president Dana White, which has received a lot of attention as of late due to his appearance on a recent episode of E:60, Miletich said that it is all old news.

"That interview on ESPN was done over a year ago," Miletich said. "They did that interview when they were doing the piece on my team well over a year ago, probably a year and a half ago. So, that was a very old interview, and by slicing it in there it obviously made it look like it was a fresh interview.

"For the most part, I've moved on from any kind of problems with Dana. I just decided to steer clear as much as possible, to be honest with you. He's obviously going to respond with anger from seeing the interview, but had he known that it was a year and a half old maybe he would have at least called me and asked me something."

Believe it or not, Miletich is looking to bury the hatchet with White once and for all.

"My agent sent an e-mail over to Dana's assistant, and just said, 'Give Dana the message that Pat would love to sit down with you and try to clear the air of the past and move forward in a positive way.' Like I said, I have no desire to argue with those guys. I would much prefer get a long with people. For me, it's water under the bridge. I'm fine with moving on with my life. I really don't like arguing with people – that's not the way I want to live my life."

Perhaps Drew McFedries can learn another thing or two from his long-time trainer.

Ariel Helwani also covers mixed martial arts for

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