MMA Fighter Benji Radach Used a Wrist Lock and a Punch to Disarm an Armed Robber

The veteran mixed martial arts fighter Benji Radach will fight Murilo "Ninja" Rua on Saturday night in the EliteXC: Heat show on CBS. But no matter how well he performs in the cage, he's not going to be able to top what he once did at a restaurant.

Radach was out to eat at a diner in Vancouver when he saw that a man was pointing a gun in the face of the woman behind the counter. So, he says, he walked up to the man and put his MMA experience to use: He grabbed the robber's wrist with one hand and punched him in the face with the other.

Radach tells the story in this interview:
Q: Rumor has it you were involved in a little incident in Vancouver a few years back at an Elmer's Restaurant?

A:Yes, that's not rumor. It's a true deal. A guy came in with a loaded gun and had it against the face of the girl behind the cash register and I was eating breakfast with Dennis Hallman and my girlfriend and her sister. This little girl came up to our table crying about how this guy had a gun and I turn around sure enough this guy had the gun right in the chick's face, cussing and swearing and making a big racket. And I was like "Oh my god, this is really happening." Everyone thinks about what they would do in that situation and there it was, right in front of me.

I just made the quick decision. I saw that he wasn't really paying attention to his surroundings and that he was really focused on the girl in front of him and the general manager to his left. I was about 70 feet off to his right so he wasn't looking. So I was like "Man, I am going to snag this guy." If I could get close to him without him seeing me and shooting me, I knew I could get him. I didn't want to sprint in case he'd hear me so I just aggressively walked up quietly and fast and grabbed the gun out of her face and wrist-locked him to his back and dropped one big right hand and fractured his jaw and knocked him unconscious and moved him off to the side and saved the day.

Now I am just trying to get the footage because it was caught on a surveillance camera. If I can get that, it would be pretty sweet. I think it would be cool for MMA because there are so negative ways in which people try to portray MMA and this is one good thing.
Radach is officially the closest thing MMA has to Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega.

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